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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department of the Smithtown Central School District is committed to teaching our students to think historically and understand that there is no one version of history. Through the lens of courses in World History, United States History, Government, and Economics, students will learn how to craft historical arguments, examine and analyze documents, and interpret the events of the past. Ultimately, students will use these tools to become more knowledgeable, empathetic, and informed citizens of Smithtown, the United States, and the rapidly changing world around them and will be better prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The teachers in the Smithtown Social Studies Department are committed to ensuring that the students of Smithtown receive the highest level of instruction. Our goal is to help students to be lifelong learners who continually strive to hone their knowledge of history as well as the skills necessary for success. Classroom instruction is guided by the New York State Social Studies Framework as well as the Common Core State Standards for History/Social Studies. As a result, students will engage in the deep reading of primary and secondary sources, learn chronological reasoning skills, develop the ability to analyze changes and continuities over time, draw comparisons and interpretations of past events, and to analyze differing points of view.



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Resources Available Through ClassLink


The following online resources are available for the Social Studies department through ClassLink. - Assists AP students in preparing for assessments through interactive practice questions (grades 9-12)

AP Classroom - Digital resources for students enrolled in College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses

BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr. - Short, animated movies as well as games, quizzes, and interactive features to support learning (grades K-8)

Castle Learning - Content review and skill assessment activities (grades K-12)

Discovery Education - Offers immersive and engaging digital content to enrich learning (grades K-12)

HMH Ed Learning Platform SSO - Digital textbook access (Social Studies 7, Social Studies 8, Global History 1, Global History 2)

Launch Pad - Digital textbook access (AP Psychology, AP United States Government and Politics)

Learning A-Z/Raz Kids - Provides elementary students with interactive digital books and quizzes for all reading levels (grades K-5)

McGraw Hill - Digital textbook access (Social Studies 6, Social Studies 8 Honors)

Perfection Next - Digital textbook access (AP United States History) - Assists students in improving their vocabulary skills (grades 6-12)

Learning Center Information

22-23 HS Learning Lab & MS Lunchtime Learning Center Availability

Department Presentations to the Board of Education

Presentation to the Board of Education - March 14, 2023

Presentation to the Board of Education - April 26, 2022

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