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The Smithtown Central School District promotes technology to foster 21st century skills, incorporating technology across the curriculum to support and enhance learning.  Students  learn to effectively use technology as a tool for problem solving, creativity, communication and productivity in order to become successful contributing members of society who are able to meet the changing demands of life and the workplace. Teachers use technology to foster a global awareness and to model technological capabilities with the goal of preparing students to become responsible digital citizens. 

Information Technology Resources

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Google Applications

Google G Suite

Google Chrome - Getting Started

Google Classroom - Getting Started

Google Drive - Getting Started

Google Docs - Getting Started

Google Sheets - Getting Started

Google Sheets - Create, edit and format

Google Slides - Getting Started





Question: How do I access student SCSD district Google Apps for Education resources?

Answer: On the Smithtown Central School District website, under the Parents/Students menu, click on Google Apps for Education and log in with your district Google username and password.

Question: A Google application is not working. Examples: I’m trying to upload or view something on Google Classroom or edit a Google Doc, play a slideshow, send email etc and it’s not working and/or I get a message to “try again later”. What could be wrong?

Answer: The application could be temporarily unavailable. Check the G Suite Status Dashboard for any Google outage information. If there is no disruption or outage information, it could be related to high traffic and/or your connection speed. If possible, try to get to the same application on a different device and/or try again after a few minutes.

Question: How do I switch between multiple Google Accounts on my Mac or PC?

Answer: Click here for help on Switching between multiple Google Accounts




Google Classroom

Click here to view Google Classroom Tutorials for Students
Click here to view a Parent's Guide to Google Classroom


Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom

Google Classroom First Time Use

Joining a class as a student

Question: How do I access Google Classroom?

Answer: Google Classroom is accessible through a web browser by going to You can also download Android or iOS apps to use for access. A link to Google Classroom can also be found on the SCSD home page under the ‘Parents/Students’ menu.

Question: Where can I find more help with using Google Classroom?

Answer: The Google Help Center has information on using the various features in Google Classroom.

How do I sign in to Classroom? - Computer - Classroom Help

Question: How are Google Classroom assignments turned in?

Answer: Click here for help with turning in an assignment in Google Classroom.

Question: A student is unable to submit an assignment in Google Classroom on a shared Mac or PC computer.

Answer: It is possible that someone else is logged into their Google account on a shared computer and the assignment was saved under the active personal Google account instead of the student’s district Google account.

It is recommended that only the student doing their classwork is signed in with their district Google account and that any other users are signed out. Always check the ‘Profile’ circle in the upper right hand corner of the browser to confirm the active Google profile.

More information on managing multiple user accounts in the Google Chrome browser:

How to sign out of Chrome

Sharing Chrome with Other Users


Google Meet

Question: What is Google Meet?

Answer: Google Meet is Google’s enterprise-level video conferencing software included in G Suite for Education. All SCSD teachers can start a Google Meet and all students have access to join a Meet by going to and logging in with SCSD Google credentials. Click here for Google Meet training and help.

Question: Sound and/or video is not working for Google Meet on a PC or Mac or other iOS device.

Answer: Check Help Document ¨Google Meet - Microphone/Video Does not Work¨

Question: Other issues related to Google Meet?

Answer: Check Google Meet Help ¨Troubleshoot issues with Meet¨


Other Google Applications

Question: Is there a basic Google drawing application ?

Answer: Yes! Google Chrome Canvas is a web application that lets you sketch, make quick doodles, or draw on an image and automatically saves to your Google account. It has tools like pencil-on-paper, chalk, and a marker tool that becomes a highlighter by using the slider tool to set it to low opacity. Type "” into a Chrome browser on any computer (or select the Canvas icon on a Chromebook) to access this basic drawing app. Click here for help using Chrome Canvas on a Chromebook.


Clever is a website that gives students access to many applications with a single login. Students log in with their own unique login information here: The link to Clever can be found under "Managed bookmarks" in the Chrome browser when logged on to a district managed Chromebook. Detailed instructions for logging into Clever can be found here: Clever - Logging in to Clever (Students)

Question: What applications are available through Clever?

Answer: A list of applications available for students may be found once logging in directly to Clever.  Applications are student specific.


Kami is an online document annotation and markup tool. You can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in PDF and other document formats. You can also add text boxes, shapes, and images. The Kami extension for Chrome works with Google Drive and Google Classroom. With Kami, you can easily collaborate on documents in the classroom while avoiding the hassles of printing documents.

Home Learning with Kami and Google Classroom

Click here to view the document: Kami & Google Classroom for Students: Remote Learning

Other Kami Resources

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Enable/Disable as the default file viewer

Kami YouTube Channel

PowerSchool Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is the parent/guardian side of Smithtown Central School District’s student information system, PowerSchool. It gives students, parents, guardians access to student information such as schedule, grades, attendance. It also is where updated contact information (phone/email/text) is entered. It is accessible on the district website by clicking the Parent Portal at the top of the page, or can be accessed directly through this link: Smithtown Parent Portal

Quick Start Guides (links also found on the Parent Portal Homepage):

Quick Start Guide - Elementary School

Quick Start Guide - Middle School/High School

Question: How do I create a new Parent Portal account?

Answer: Click here PowerSchool Parent Portal - Creating a new Parent Portal Account (Parent/Guardian)

Question: How can forgotten Parent Portal login information be retrieved?

Answer: Click here PowerSchool Parent Portal - Password Reset

Question: How can a Parent Portal username be changed?

Answer: Click here PowerSchool Parent Portal - Changing Your Username (Parent)

Question: How do I update my contact information for the school district so my school and teacher(s) have the most up to date information?

Answer: Please refer to the following Help Document to assist: Parent Portal - Updating Contact Information

Raz Kids

Raz Kids is part of Learning A-Z's online reading/writing applications and is accessible by all SCSD K-5 students through Clever.

Question: Writing A-Z is not available on a tablet (iPad, iPhone, Android device, etc...)

Answer: Remove the RazKids app from the device to default to the web based version. The iPad version is being phased out for a web only version that supports the full suite of software. Access directly through Clever iOS/iPadOS app or Clever Website.

ST Math

ST Math is an online math application that is accessible by all SCSD K-5 students through Clever on a Chromebook, Mac, or PC when logged in with the Smithtown CSD Google account.

Please refer to the following Help Document for accessing ST Math on an iPad or other tablet:
ST Math - Logging in on a Tablet (Parents/Guardians)

District Devices

District Devices