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Summer Programs and Resources

Summer C.A.M.P.

Our program is designed to enhance students’ academic and social/emotional learning skills and will be run by a diverse group of enthusiastic, dedicated educators. Participants will take part in developing their own learning experience according to the program’s core values, resulting in learners who are more:

  • Purposeful and self-motivated
  • Creative, resourceful and knowledgeable
  • Resilient and goal-directed
  • Introspective, empathetic and compassionate

This will be accomplished through opportunities for:

  • Academic support in core subject areas
  • Development of a “growth mindset”
  • Digital media and technology skill building
  • Self-management and goal-setting
  • Personalized instruction
  • Small class sizes
  • Team building
  • Genius Hour (student-driven research projects based on their own passions) 


Summer Skills Program

This program is designed to support our students with special needs in honing their skills in reading, writing and math. This is designed for students with an IEP's entering grades first through eighth. This program typically meets 3 hours each day (Monday-Thursday) for 4 days per week and runs for 4 weeks between July and August. This Summer Skills Program assists students in maintaining their reading levels as well as continues their leveled instruction in strengthening their reading, writing and math skills and strategies as well as  previously learned reading, math and writing concepts. Please note that this requires a parental pick-up and drop-off.


Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program is a virtual opportunity that provides students with remote instruction in English language arts (ELA) and/or mathematics in a synchronous, interactive, live online classroom.  The program is offered to students who have just completed kindergarten through eighth grade. This program is intended to review and strengthen the skills learned in the previous school year to better ensure success in the upcoming year.  The program, which runs for five weeks in July and early August, offers two 45-minute sessions in ELA and/or mathematics per week.  Each class begins with a brief social and emotional learning activity to increase student participation and engagement in the lesson followed by content-area instruction and activities.  Students are also offered optional projects to work on between classes to further enrich their learning.


Extended School Year Program

The Extended School Year Program is an IEP driven service focusing on instructional programs and/or related services for special education students.This program assists students in maintaining their skills in school based areas. ESYP is recommended through the Committee on Special Education (CSE) for students at risk for substantial regression over the summer months. This six week special education program is offered for our students entering first through twelfth grade that have an IEP. This meets on a daily basis within designated schools over the summer. If your child qualifies, these services will be noted in your child's IEP and outlined as to how they will be provided.