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Smithtown Central School District
Smithtown Central
School District

St. James Elementary School

We say "YES" at St. James Elementary by asking ourselves: Are you taking care of: Yourself? Each Other? St. James? Our reflection on these important questions promotes a caring environment in which to learn and grow. 


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About St. James Elementary

We have a commitment to place every child in the best position to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically. We accomplish this by involving parents and community, supporting our teachers, and focusing on student achievement. Working together, our partnership with the St. James community is a vital link, which provides a challenging and enriching educational program that inspires and prepares the children to be successful, lifelong learners.

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St. James Elementary School is part of the Smithtown Central School District. We are located in the hamlet of St. James, NY, which is on the North shore in the central part of Long Island. We are a large elementary school of around 475 students in grades K-5. Our exemplary staff strives to maintain a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to take risks and assume responsibilities. The curriculum is student-centered and teaching strategies address a diversity of learning styles. Classroom activities are hands-on, highly interactive, and take advantage of student strengths while developing student cooperative and collaborative skills.

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Parent Teacher Association

Our PTA has an extremely supportive parent/staff membership base. One hundred percent of our staff are PTA members. Working together, we are able to maintain high quality programs and activities to enhance and enrich our children's education. Various workshops have also been offered to parents. Other PTA sponsored programs include: an opportunity for each child to publish his/her own hard cover book, Parents as Reading Partners (a family literacy program), Family Living and Caring & Sharing (outreach programs), and cultural arts and recreational programs. PTA intervention has influenced district related decisions for the benefit of the children at St. James Elementary School. PTA participation is always welcome. Parental involvement with our school sends a powerful message to our children about the value of education.

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