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Student Athlete Handbook Coaching Application 2023-2024

The athletics program for the Smithtown Central School District dynamically supports the mission of the school.  Our programs provide a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment for students to learn, where all are valued. We are committed to educating well-rounded, lifelong learners who are compassionate, responsible, ethical members of society. 

Our programs will promote interscholastic athletics that provide lifelong learning experiences to student-athletes while enhancing their achievement of educational goals. Our goal is to teach the values of teamwork, pride, respect, commitment, good work ethic, sportsmanship and development of the proper winning attitude. It is our hope that through our athletic programs our student athletes will adopt these guidelines and develop a positive winning attitude that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.

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2023-2024 Season Start Dates

August 15 - High School East Cheerleading

August 21 - High School Fall 

September 7 - Middle School Fall 

November 6 - Middle School Early Winter 

November 13 - High School Winter

January 16 - Middle School Late Winter

March 11 - High School Spring

March 25 - Middle School Spring

Additional Documents


Parent Behavior

Sportsmanship Matters

Concussion Information

Concussion Management Plan

Concussion Parent Education Brochure

Concussion Treatment Procedures

Senior Awards and Scholarship Information

Bob Pratt Memorial Scholarship Application

Booster Club Scholarship Award Application

Gold Key Award Application

Tri-Sport Varsity Athlete Award Application


Watch Our Athletes Perform

Please use the Section XI website to view schedules for sports. High School sports that take place on our Football fields and Main Gyms can be viewed on our YouTube feeds available below.

Sports Offered

30+ Sports Programs Offered

The Smithtown Interscholastic Program offers distinct levels of competition based upon developmental abilities of students and their grade level. The modified “B” program is designed for 7th and 8th grade students and includes one or two teams in the activities denoted with a * or ^ symbol (* denotes Early Winter [2nd quarter] and ^ denotes Late Winter [3rd Quarter]).  This only is applicable to our Middle School Athletics program.

Fall Sportsleaf doodle

  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country, Boys (combined)
  • Cross Country, Girls  (combined)
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Golf, Boys
  • Gymnastics, Girls (combined)
  • Kickline
  • Soccer, Boys
  • Soccer, Girls
  • Swimming, Girls (combined)
  • Tennis, Girls
  • Volleyball, Boys
  • Volleyball, Girls

Winter Sportssnowflake doodle

  • Bowling, Boys (combined)
  • Bowling, Girls (combined)
  • Basketball, Boys*
  • Basketball, Girls^
  • Cheerleading*
  • Kickline*
  • Swimming, Boys (combined)
  • Track, Boys
  • Track, Girls
  • Wrestling^
  • Volleyball, Boys^
  • Volleyball, Girls*

Spring Sportssun doodle

  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Golf, Girls
  • Lacrosse, Boys
  • Lacrosse, Girls
  • Softball
  • Tennis, Boys
  • Track, Boys
  • Track, Girls

Athletics News

Athletic Accomplishments & News