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Accompsett Middle School

Our school motto at Accompsett Middle School is “AMS – Achievement, Manners, and Spirit”. Our school is a place where teachers and parents come together to provide a learning environment that supports the social, emotional and academic needs of the children of Smithtown this year and in all the years to come.

Accompsett Middle School

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June 2024 AMS Regents/FLACS Review Academy Schedule

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Accompsett Middle School actively promotes achievement, manners, and spirit by providing a safe and supportive learning environment which nurtures each student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical development while challenging them to reach their full  potential. Achievement  – we will reach our academic goals Manners – we will model polite behavior Spirit – we will demonstrate commitment to our school at Accompsett Middle School, the faculty, staff, administrators, and parents collaborate to provide a learning community which meets the needs of young adolescents.

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About Accompsett Middle School

Accompsett Intermediate School first was opened in 1971 as the population in the Smithtown area peaked. This building was designed as an intermediate school (similar to a middle school but without teaming) and it was part of the campus that included Accompsett Elementary School and Smithtown High School West. In the late 1980’s enrollment began to dramatically decline and in 1992 the three middle schools in Smithtown were consolidated into one, Smithtown Middle School. At that time Accompsett Intermediate School was converted to the Freshman Campus and housed the district’s ninth grade students. As enrollment again began to peak in the 1990’s, our elementary schools expanded. Smithtown Middle School’s also grew and our school district opened Great Hollow Middle School, Nesaquake Middle School, and Accompsett Middle School. Smithtown High School East also re-opened in the former Smithtown Middle School.

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About Accompsett Middle School

Accompsett Middle School has undergone much renovation during the last few years. The entrance driveway and parking areas have been reconstructed and new lighting has been installed. Entering our building, you first notice the beautiful foliage at the visitor’s entrance. We have renovated our Technology, Art, and Family Consumer Science rooms. Our Library has been refurbished. Restrooms have been remodeled. Our gym has been expanded and locker rooms added. Two new classrooms have also been added. New wiring to facilitate our computer network has been installed. These are a few of the obvious renovations and many other improvements have also been made. As a result our students have a beautiful building to be proud of which will provide an environment conducive to learning in the 21st century.

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About Accompsett Middle School

While this new beautiful building provides us with the tools to learn, a school is about the students and the school community. Middle School is a time of change for our students. Students are undergoing many personal changes, more so than at any time in their lives. These include social and emotional changes and increased independence. New freedoms bring new responsibilities. Our school provides an environment that is smaller and addresses these needs. Our students have increased opportunities, a better sense of belonging, and the opportunity to work more closely with their teams of teachers.


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