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Smithtown Central School District
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School District
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Board of Education

District Goals - 2023-2024

  • The Board of Education will develop an ongoing policy review cycle that seeks to align policy and practice as well as all applicable state and federal laws.
  • The Board will monitor student achievement via the utilization of data derived from multiple measures to assist with decision making designed to positively impact student achievement and outcomes so that our students graduate, are prepared for college and career success, and are able to reach their full potential. Their work will seek to be aligned with the Smithtown 2027 Strategic Plan and its vision to support each child.
  • Aligned with the Smithtown 2027 Strategic Plan, and its goal to provide our students with a safe and supportive environment and demonstrate skills and attributes to cope with life challenges and achieve personal well-being, the Board will continue its commitment to provide equitable opportunities and resources so that all students feel that they are welcome, they belong, and they are supported in every school and success in this work will be built upon a foundation of respect, diversity, equity, inclusion, access and opportunity.
  • The Board will seek to support the social-emotional and mental well-being of students and staff.
  • The Board will ensure that all Board committees establish clear objectives, meet consistently and that the progress of these committees is regularly reported to the Board and community and evaluated annually by the Board.
  • The Board of Education will continue to emphasize effective communication between all stakeholders, improved community relations as well as advocacy efforts at the local, state, and national levels.
  • The Board will oversee the development and public information sharing of the district operating budget and capital plan. The district budget and capital plan will seek to balance appropriate funding for student learning and safety while responsibly managing the growth of the District’s tax levy

Adopted August 1, 2023