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Smithtown Central School District
Smithtown Central
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Adult Continuing Education


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Adult Continuing Education

Smithtown Adult Continuing Education, one of the largest and most diversified programs on Long Island,  aims to “enrich the days” of adults living and working in our treasured Smithtown Community. Through a myriad of weekly courses, workshops, trips, and cultural events, participants reconnect with their neighbors, build new relationships, expand their skill set, express creativity, strengthen physical ability, support mental health, relieve stress, gain focus, and just have fun!

Fall and Spring Brochures highlight morning, afternoon, and evening offerings held throughout the district, five days a week. Choose from Yoga, Mahjong, Stained Glass, Creative Writing, Zumba, Mandarin, Basketball, Volleyball, Watercolors, Oil Painting, Tap Dance, Tai Chi, Crochet/Knitting,  and more -- or choose to share your expertise with our community. Truly, there is something for everyone!



ACE Interest Application

Application (PDF)