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Chromebook Care

Taking Care of a Chromebook

How to Clean Your Computer

Chromebook Features and Use

Enabling Accessibility Features

Taking a Screenshot

Chromebook Shorcuts - Basic

Logging On and Enrollment

Question: When I try to sign on to my district issued student Chromebook at home I get an enrollment error.  What can I do?

Answer: Try re-enrolling the Chromebook. 
How to re-enroll your district Chromebook at home:

  1. Turn on the Chromebook.

  2. Follow the on-screen instruction until you see the sign-in screen. Don't sign in yet.
    a. Connect to Wi-Fi.
    b. At the Google terms of service screen UNCHECK the option to “Help improve Chrome OS features and  performance by automatically sending diagnostic and usage data to Google.”
    c. Don’t sign in. 

  3. If you see the ENTERPRISE ENROLLMENT instead of the sign-in screen, go to Step 5.

  4. Choose an option to get to the enrollment screen:
    a. Press Ctrl+Alt+E.
    b. Click More options and then Enterprise enrollment.

  5. Enter the username and password for your student SCSD Google Account

  6. When you get a confirmation message that the device is successfully enrolled, click Done.

  7. You should now be able to sign in to your Chromebook with your SCSD Google account.


Question: My  Dell Chromebook 5190 is not powering on and/or not charging.

Answer: Please click here  for help with some common Chromebook power issues.


Question: What can I do if I am having trouble printing at home from Chrome?

Answer: One of the first steps would be to update the version of Chrome installed on your device.

Updating Chrome on a Chromebook [go to the section labeled "Check for updates yourself"]

Updating Chrome on a PC [go to section "To update Google Chrome"]

After updating, please refer to How to Print from a Chromebook

Sound and Audio

Question:  Why can’t I hear anything on my Chromebook?

Answer: Please review solutions below.

  1. Make sure the sound isn't muted:

  2. Change the sound input or output:

a. At the bottom right, select the time.
b. Next to the volume slider, select the Right arrow .
c. Change where sound comes from (output) or where you speak into (input).

  1. Unplug audio devices (like headphones or speakers) from your Chromebook.

Wi-Fi and Internet

Question: The Chromebook frequently disconnects from my home Wi-Fi.

Answer:  If a Chromebook has previously been connected to a secure network, after waking the Chromebook simply click the home Wi-Fi network and it should connect without asking for the password.  If you are still experiencing issues, please refer to these Help Documents for more information: Click here for general Chromebook Wi-Fi  Google support.

Question:  When opening a website, I get an “Aw Snap!” error message.  What do I do?
Answer:  If you're getting the "Aw, Snap" error or another error code instead of a webpage, Chrome is having problems loading. Click here for suggestions on how to fix "Aw, Snap!" page crashes and other page loading errors. 

Lost or Damaged Accessories

Question: How can a lost or broken Chromebook charger be replaced? 

Answer: If a power adapter is lost or incurs damage not due to a manufacturer’s defect, you would purchase a replacement 45 Watt USB-C power adapter. Options include the Acer APS611 power adapter and the Dell 45-Watt AC Adapter. Either of these are compatible with both the Acer Spin 511 and the Dell 5190 Chromebooks. 

Question: How can I replace a lost or broken stylus pen? 

Answer: If a Chromebook stylus is lost or incurs damage not due to a manufacturer’s defect, you would purchase a replacement.

  • The Dell Active EMR Pen is the stylus that is issued with district Dell 5190 Chromebooks. The Dell EMR Stylus also works with the Acer Spin 511 Chromebook, but will not fit in the onboard storage slot of the Acer.

  • The Acer ASA930 EMR Stylus Pen or Wacom 60.H93N7.003 is the compatible pen that fits in the onboard storage slot of the Acer Spin 511 R752TN Chromebook.  The Dell Active EMR Pen would function as a substitute, but will not fit in the onboard storage slot of the Acer Chromebook.

If it is an Acer stylus and only the stylus tip needs replacement due to normal wear and tear, the tip can be replaced by the Computer Lab Assistant on staff at your home school. Please contact your school or submit an Instructional Technology Support Request.

Other Common Issues

Question:  My Chromebook is running slow, is there anything I can do?


  1. Try closing a few apps or Chrome tabs in the browser to free up memory on the Chromebook.

  2.  Check your internet connection speed by testing other devices in your home or run an internet connection speed test. Moving closer to your wireless router or access point may increase performance.

  3. Turn  the Chromebook off then turn it back on. Many users close the lid of the Chromebook, putting it to sleep and rarely fully power it off. Powering off the Chromebook then turning it back on can sometimes resolve issues. Turn off your Chromebook completely by doing one of the following:

    1.  At the bottom right, select the time. Select Power .

    2.  At the bottom right, select the time. Select Sign out and then Shut down.

    3.  Press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds.

    4.  Press and hold the Power button until you see a menu to Power off or Sign out. 


Question: The Chromebook on screen keyboard appeared and now my keyboard doesn't work.

Answer: There are a few resolutions you can try:

  1. Reboot the Chromebook.

  2. Check the Chromebook Accessibility Settings to confirm that the On Screen Keyboard is not enabled. [See "Turn off on screen keyboard" on this Google support page.]

  3. If the issue is still not resolved you may need to reset the Chromebook.  Click here for instructions on how to reset your Chromebook hardware.


Question: My screen is rotated sideways or upside down, how do I fix this?

Answer: This can be fixed in one of two ways:

  1. Press and release the key combination of Ctrl+Shift+Refresh , then click Continue to confirm screen rotation. Repeat this until the orientation is correct.

  2. Go to Settings > Device > Display > Orientation and choose 0° (Default) option.

Question:  How do I join a Zoom meeting on a district issued student Chromebook? I am blocked from adding the Zoom extension to Chrome.

Answer: In the "Add Zoom to Chrome" window click on "Join from Your Browser" at the bottom of the message. You will be prompted to enter  the meeting Passcode. See image below. 

Question:  The Scratch Jr. app on the Chromebook is not responding. 

Answer: Confirm that the touchscreen is being used. Scratch Jr is an Android app and does not respond to touchpad controls, so the touchscreen must be used.


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Wi-Fi and Internet

Question: How do I connect my iPad to my home Wifi?

Answer: How to connect iPad to home Wifi

Other Common Issues

Question: When logging into a web application on an iPad there is an unexpected result. For example the home screen is not displayed, or all options are not available. What could be wrong?

Answer: Sometimes, if a device is shared with other user(s), browsing history could be saved on the device and interfere with accessing a website as expected. Try clearing the browser history by following the instructions here: iPad Clearing Safari History & Website Data