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Smithtown School District supports many local, non-profit community partners by allowing the limited posting and/or distribution of select flyers. The district retains the right to approve or deny any materials requested for posting on the VBP and/or for distribution. The district will only consider requests from non-profit organizations that provide youth-oriented activities and/or programs with an educational value to the student and/or school.

The district will review and approve .pdfs of flyers intended for Smithtown VBP and/or school distribution.

*The distribution of flyers applies to elementary schools only.


1. Each entity wishing to post to VBP and/or distribute printed materials must provide the District VBP with a written guarantee (in email form) that the activity or program being offered is not for profit.
2. All flyers distributed to Smithtown schools must include the following disclaimer printed at the bottom:
“Approval for distribution of these materials is not an endorsement of such services, activities and/or products by the Smithtown School District.”
3. If approved, the requestor will receive an email reply stating said approval, as well as distribution instructions for the bundling and labeling of printed flyers. The requestor bears the cost of printing flyers.
4. Once approved, organizations will deliver printed, bundled (25 flyers per bundle, 1 bundle per class section) and labeled flyers directly to the individual schools.
5. Each school’s distribution of flyers MUST include a printed copy of the approval email reply sent by Smithtown VBP.
6. Flyer distribution requests are for a one-time ‘distribution approval’ only. Future requests must be approved in the same manner stated above.
7. Flyers with little or no educational value will not be approved.
8. If at any time it is determined that previous flyers or written materials presented for approval contained false information or did not accurately represent the intent of the program, future requests for approval will be denied.

Upon approval, Smithtown schools will distribute bundled and labeled materials provided by non-profit organizations and other district supported parties. The district may approve any material it deems beneficial to students, faculty and/or staff.

Smithtown will not distribute materials from for-profit businesses and religious institutions or involving campaign/political views or literature that does not directly affect and/or benefit Smithtown students, faculty and/or staff.

To request approval, e-mail a .pdf of your flyer along with the targeted audience (ex: specific schools or grade levels) to:

All relevant fliers for a school will be posted in each school's specific backpack which is accessible from the links on the right.