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    Everyone Matters

    Thanks to its Math Honor Society, High School East has been recognized as the first Long Island high school to participate in Everyone Matters Day.

    Founded in 2011 and launched in 2012, Everyone Matters is a grassroots campaign that advocates on behalf of everyone for the right to self-identity without shame, judgment or attack, and to create an environment that reduces intolerance and fosters inclusiveness.

    Everyone Matters has more than 165,000 followers and connects to more than 56 million people on Facebook by bringing schools, cities, organizations and prominent figures together to bring awareness to its cause: dignity and respect of every individual regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, creed or any other distinguishing feature. HSE was mentioned on the Everyone Matters page.

    Officers of the HSE Math Honor Society, led by historian Karina Hunstein, spent months preparing and planning for the event. The day prior to the event, volunteers assembled to create and decorate a poster of a tree for honor society members and non-members to sign during lunch periods. They encouraged students to take an oath to be nonjudgmental and anonymously add a “#I am” leaf to the tree. Approximately 300 members – active and non-active – and more than 100 others added leaves to the tree. Staff and faculty also identified themselves by hanging photos of themselves on the tree.

    “We came across this event and thought it would be a great way to bring about awareness and acceptance of people of all abilities, no matter how different they may be,” said co-adviser Angela Boccio-McComb, who expects the tradition to continue next year. “Our officers loved the idea.”

    Marianne Schoepflin co-advises the HSE Math Honor Society with Boccio-McComb.




    A Night of Math, Fun and Feeding

    The Math Honor Societies of High Schools East and West came together at High School East to present their annual Math Fun Night. Nearly 400 students from both schools joined Stony Brook University alumni to share concepts of algebra, geometry, probability, physics, chemistry, topology and more in a fun and exciting way.

    The nearly 800 Smithtown students and adults in attendance enjoyed a hands-on approach to learning through activities such as square bubbles, Pascal’s Triangle, slope slides, magnet math, chess, fractals, optical illusions, Rubik’s Cube, GeoDomes and Mathketball.

    In addition to providing the community with a fun and educational evening, the Math Honor Societies held a food drive to benefit Island Harvest, collecting more than 400 pounds of food and a generous monetary donation that will provide many meals to Long Islanders in need.

    The evening was organized by HSE and HSW Math Honor Society advisers Marianne Schoepflin, Angela Boccio-McComb, Michele Bramanti and Steve Robinson.




    Competitive Mathematicians

    Fifty-five Accompsett Middle School eighth-grade algebra students participated in the American Mathematics Competition this winter. The students completed a 25-question, 40-minute multiple-choice examination designed to provide a challenging advanced mathematics experience and hone their problem-solving skills. The AMC 8 also promotes excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes toward mathematics, and often stimulates student interest in continuing math studies beyond the minimum high school graduation requirements. Special thanks to teachers Tina Bosi, Christine Colacino and Pat Granshaw for coordinating and administering the exam.

    Nicholas DeFelice (pictured left) had the highest score at AMC overall, while Kyle Sheehan (right) finished with the second-highest score. Congratulations to all of the AMC participants!

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