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Chemistry Olympian success!

May 9, 2024

Jolene Cao has once again earned honors recognition for her outstanding score on the National Chemistry Olympiad Exam (USNCO), a chemistry competition for high school students. Scoring high on the regional exam, earned Jolene advancement to nationals where she earned her Honors designation competing among over 1000 students.

According to Dr. Stephanie O'Brien, the Smithtown East Science Director, "Jolene has tremendous dedication and passion for all aspects of science. By the time she graduates she will have taken every AP science course Smithtown has to offer. She has reached the pinnacle of success in high school chemistry with the honors designation on the national exam, competing against the best in the field. She's a role model for her peers and shows that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Kudos Jolene!"

According to Ms. Maria Zeitlin, East's Research Coordinator, "Jolene is - in a word - exceptional. Repeating her Honors designation for a second time is particularly impressive as it is over a year since any formal training in the subject matter.  Her independent pursuit of chemistry knowledge makes her one of the few in my career to exemplify outstanding scholarship in the field of chemistry."


Principal Rose, Maria Zeitlin, Jolene Cao, and Dr. Stephanie O'Brien