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“I am so excited to help students discover what’s out there and the great things the Smithtown Central School District has to offer.”

Those were the words of High School West alum Kevin Camson as he introduced his MOOV app Tuesday night at SCSD's Board of Education meeting.

Mr. Camson stated that the app was created to increase student engagement and centralize school information, making it social and accessible in real time. It can showcase each school's events, information, clubs, sports and more in a vastly dynamic and lively way on a student's phone.  

As Mr. Camson said last night, "The future is what we make of it." 

SCSD Superintendent Dr. Mark Secaur says..."The District is very excited about our partnership with MOOV and Kevin Camson and we feel strongly that this tool will help further student engagement with our schools."

Kevin anticipates the MOOV app to launch late February/early March. To learn more about MOOV visit their website.



Kevin Camson speaking

Moov app picture

Kevin Camson speaking