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Venice, Vatican, and gelato in between!

April 29, 2024

Thirty-three students from High School East and West have returned from an amazing trip to Italy!

Courtesy of EF (Education First) tours, teachers and students went on a 7-day journey of Italy, touching upon all parts of Italian history and culture. The trip began in Venice where our adventurers took in a glass blowing demonstration and rode a gondola.

In Florence they were enveloped in Renaissance art at the Uffizi Galleries and in Rome a trip to the Vatican and the ancient Roman ruins was on the agenda.

"Being a part of the 2024 Italy trip was truly an experience that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life," said High School West senior, Irene Cacace.

"We were completely immersed in the culture in every destination we visited. Each teacher truly made the trip feel like a fun and memorable getaway through all the laughs shared and moments spent together. Whether it was dancing through the streets of Rome in the rain or playing card games and pool at the end of the night, each moment spent with my friends and teachers will always be a memory that I love."

The trip also included visits to the towns of Verona, Assisi and concluded by visiting the city of Pompeii in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.

In each city, students completed a photo scavenger hunt that was a mix of exploration and seeing everything they can and having fun with their teacher chaperones and tour guides. Of course there was tons of gelato, pasta and game nights!

Special thank you to the following chaperones: Teachers Jennifer Keller, Jessica Brunet, Kevin Madeiras, Ashley Marchese and High School West Assistant Principal Annemarie Freund.

Students and teachers in Italy

Students and teachers in Italy

Ceiling art

Students and teachers in Italy

ice cream