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2022 Torch Award Winners

Torch Award Recipients

June 13, 2022

The Smithtown Central School District has named its 2022 Torch Award recipients!

The Torch Award is presented to Smithtown teachers who have significantly contributed to the growth and professional development of their teacher colleagues. The teachers gathered Monday at St. James Elementary School for an awards presentation and Superintendent Dr. Mark Secaur lauded them for their achievements.

The 2022 Torch Award recipients are:

Clara Antunes (HSE), Eileen Creutz (Takan Elementary), Steve Jenkins (Smithtown Elementary), Jennifer Keller (HSW), Amanda Kinnear (HSW & HSE), Catherine Masrour (HSW), Donna McGoldrick (Great Hollow Middle), Lesley McGovern (Great Hollow Middle), Scott Miller (Accompsett Elementary), Tim Needles (HSW), Katherine Neumair (HSW & Accompsett), Donna Janouskovec Renahan (Saint James Elementary), Jeannine Roberts (Great Hollow Middle), Susan Ryan (Accompsett Middle School) and Jennifer Solomon (Smithtown Elementary)

Congrats to all and thank you!