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"To our officers, you don't get enough credit for all that you do.....This morning we celebrate you!"

Dogwood Elementary School Principal Renee Carpenter led a wonderful assembly Monday morning, as Dogwood hosted its annual Police Appreciation Day event.

Law enforcement officers who are parents, guardians and siblings of Dogwood students were thanked for their service and dedication.

The entire school honored those who have or are currently serving by waving flags, singing songs, reciting poems and presenting cards of appreciation and thanks. Dogwood leadership students event put together "patrol snack bags!"

Principal Carpenter told the officers, "All of us at Dogwood would like you to know that we see you. We see how you put your uniform on and head out to work each day making sacrifices to serve others. We see you sacrifice time with your families to keep our communities a safe place for us....You are so appreciated and we are so thankful for your service."

Special thanks to the Dogwood PTA which provided breakfast for the officers prior to the assembly.



Police assembly

police officer waiving

children singing

police officer assembly