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Spelling Bee champ!

January 25, 2023

Congratulations to sixth grader Olivia Lipiec on winning the Accompsett Middle School spelling bee!

The bee went 21 rounds before Olivia won in the championship round with the winning word “configuration.”
Congratulations also to first runner up, seventh grader Priya Prabhu.

Olivia now moves to the ScholarSkills Long Island Spelling Bee, which consists of two rounds.

The first round will be a written spelling and vocabulary contest that ScholarSkills officials will administer via Zoom. Students will be required to demonstrate comprehensive mastery of the vocabulary and spelling words delineated in the
ScholarSkills List of 101 wordsTM and the Latin and Greek word parts from which those words derive their structures and meanings.

Those students with the top scores from the first round will proceed to the second and final round, which will be completely
oral, and it will be held in person. This final round will consist of spelling words taken from the Words of Champions and the ScholarSkills List of 101 Words. There will also be an oral word meaning round consisting of derivatives based on the ScholarSkills 101-word list. This will take place in March.

The winner of the second round oral competition will represent Long Island in the National Spelling Bee.

Well done! 


Spelling Bee winner Olivia Lipiec

Olivia and first runner up Priya Prabhu


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