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Rotary Club honors at HSE and HSW

May 16, 2024

Fifteen High School East and High School West students were honored today for their dedication and perseverance by the Smithtown Rotary Club.

Smithtown High School East Assistant Principal Mike Aleci kicked off the ceremonies recognizing many of our very impressive students. Superintendent Mark Secaur, High School East Principal Robert Rose and High School West Principal John Coady were among those in attendance.

Every district high school guidance counselor recommended one student who has overcome significant obstacles or adversity to excel in school.

High School West Assistant Principal, Annemarie Freund, closed the ceremony, telling the students, “Always remember, success isn't just about reaching the final destination; it's also about the journey we undertake to arrive there. It involves the valuable lessons we learn, the personal growth we undergo, and the individuals we evolve into along the way. So, embrace the obstacles that come your way, set goals for yourself and have confidence that you can achieve what you want with effort and determination.”

Congratulations to the following counselor/student teams: Krista LaPresti and Charlie Stangarone, Kate Baker-Dorney and Sienna Klein, Brian Alemaghides and Nicholas Critelli, Maggie Shanley and Brandon Murnane, Kelly Brouthers and Victoria Gomez-Silwany, Isabella Aviles and Egbert Cazares, Karen Schmalz and Patrick Brennan, Sara Stone and Kite Harrison, Robert Woods and Sean Soloman, Dorothy Caputo and Carlos Saenz Granados, Diane Giannico and Haily Letizia, Michele Randall and Nicholas Cottage, Patricia Coppola and Rylee Milne, Michael Agostino and Isabella Torres, Niki Vescio and James Walsh.

Group photo 

Counselor and student embracing

Counselor and student embracing

Counselor and student embracing

Counselor and student embracing

SCSD administration looking on