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Puppy Yoga at High School East

February 1, 2023

Students at High School East took the downward dog yoga pose to a whole new level on Wednesday!

Courtesy of health and physical education teacher Helen Flynn, her lab/mix puppy Bella paid a visit to a couple of classes for some Puppy Yoga!

Ms. Flynn says "I figured this would be a great unit to bring to the kids. Yoga has many benefits, and with midterms finishing last week, I figured this would be the perfect time to introduce my classes to some "Puppy Yoga," to help alleviate some of the stress of midterm week!"

The students found practicing yoga with puppies is fun, joyful and downright adorable. Ms. Flynn adds that Puppy Yoga classes can help students feel more positive about themselves, lower blood pressure, and can also lower their stress levels.

Bella will be visiting some High School East classes on Thursday as well!  Check out the pictures and video below! 

Puppy Yoga at HSE

Puppy Yoga at HSE

Puppy Yoga at HSE

Puppy Yoga at HSE