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Popped For Paige!

October 23, 2023

They "popped for Paige" and had a great time doing so!

The Nesaquake Middle School PTA recently raised $450 for the Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation with a Friday fundraiser.

Students and faculty showed their support for AVM AWARENESS by dressing in pink and purchasing popcorn during their lunch periods. Many students wore pink and even painted their faces!

The PTA donated all proceeds to the Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation.

To learn more please click HERE.

For more pictures check out our SCSD Facebook page.

Gina Keely and studentsPrincipal McCabe, staff, PTA and Gina Keely

Students with popcornStudents posing for picture

Gina Keely handing out popcornStudents posing for picture