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"These are the kids who see that another child has no one to play with. A child has nowhere to sit. And these are the kids who possess empathy, courage, and kindness and ask them to play with them. Ask them to sit at their table."

Tackan Elementary School Principal Matt Furey proudly bragged about his young students Friday afternoon, as honored them with Tackan's "On Target" award.

The award doesn't have specific requirements in regards to academics, rather it is given to outstanding students who demonstrate determination, kindness, courage, intelligence and empathy towards their classmates.

"Traits that are needed not just for a success in our classrooms," Mr. Furey explained. "But most importantly traits that will help our students In life."

Students were nominated by their teachers for the award and were given a certificate, a pencil, and an Italian ice!


Principal with student

Principal with student

students sitting

Principal with student

Principal with student