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Moving Up from Dogwood!

June 15, 2023

Fifty-nine students participated in Dogwood Elementary's Moving Up ceremony Thursday morning.

Principal Renee Carpenter congratulated the students as they looked back upon their years at Dogwood, and ahead to next year at Nesaquake Middle School.

"You have the foundation and the power within yourselves to make the choices that will have a positive effect on your life and the lives of others." Principal Carpenter said to the students.

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, Superintendent Neil Katz was also on hand to congratulate the students as well as fifth grade teachers, Mrs. DeFranco, Mrs. Neri, Mrs. Krug, and Mrs. Concagh.

Nesaquake Principal Dan McCabe eased any potential nerves from students about attending middle school and urged the students to enjoy their summer.

Principal Carpenter summed up the ceremony with the following thoughts:

"As you continue to learn and grow, the challenge of new experiences will come to you. Take advantage of those opportunities to make your family, your friends and your teachers proud of you! And remember you’re not on your own! Take a look around this room and look out into this audience. Looking back at you are the very people that will be there to love you through the hard times and celebrate your achievements along the way."


Dogwood sign

students standing for graduation

Principal Carpenter with students

Neil Katz speaking

Students at graduation