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Making Dogwood proud

April 30, 2024

Dogwood Elementary fifth graders, Mia Spampinato, Thomas Gulotta, Jr., and Brendan O'Neill kicked off Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting by leading the BOE and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The students also recited the Dogwood School Pledge:

Coming to Dogwood feels real good,
With all our friends from the neighborhood.
I promise to walk, not run
And always have clean, safe fun! Responsible, considerate and kind each day,
If we do, we’re on our way.
A place that’s cool is bully free,
I’ll help you, you help me.
Keep a positive attitude to have a perfect day. Giving 100% should always be the way.
I pledge to respect my teachers, classmates and self With kindness and polite words,
today and every day.

Thank you students and Dogwood Principal, Renee Carpenter. 

Group photo