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LISC honors for HSE students

June 12, 2023

Five young scientists from High School East were awarded honors and high honors marks at the recent LISC, the Long Island State Science Congress sponsored by STANYS (Science Teachers Association of New York State.)

This is one of the first science fairs that students enter as sophomores. Students work all year performing an experiment either individually or in teams.  These "in-house" experiments are mentored by High School East science research coordinator Maria Zeitlin and often vary from surveys to microbiology to botany.

The Honors and High Honors awards were given to the following students: Dylan Shen (Deer Herbivory on Holly Plants on Fire Island), Gabriel Finger (Weather Impacts of Nighthawk Migration to Long Island), Tiffany Chung ( Retardation of Black Fungus on Grapes Using Yeast), and the Team of Richard Chai and Charlene Chen (Using FTIR to Check Efficacy of Purell). 

All students placed this year receiving ribbons for their accomplishments and several were honored at a higher level with plaques at a separate award ceremony held at The Wheatley School.

Teacher and students posing for picture

Teacher and students posing for picture