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Kindness rules at St. James Elementary

February 14, 2024

Students at St. James Elementary have been getting into the spirit of love and kindness this school year. 

This week is "Linked Together with Kindness and Love" and is a part of the school's  Says YES program. Students are being rewarded for showing kindness towards one another and taking care of their community!

Special "YES" tickets are being used to "catch students being kind" throughout the week and the fifth grade Kindness Ambassadors are helping distribute clay hearts to all of the school leaders throughout our district. 

Additionally, each class is helping to create a "chain of kindness" that Principal Adam Javidi says  "will be a physical representation of the kindness we see in our school."

The SJE PTA is enhancing this initiative with a Valentine's Day raffle and by donating flowers to each student so that they can extend their love to those who take care of them at home. 

Pictured are the students whose winning "YES" kindness tickets were pulled this morning.  Kindergarten student, Mansour Moazeb, handed out class folders to his entire class. First grader, Charlotte Weiss, helped her classmate with math.  Second-grade student, Maggie Conrad, cleaned up a friend's books.  Third grader, Charlie Campbell, helped classmates pick up coins and tickets. Ben Avellan picked up a poster on the ground and fifth-grade student Sawyer Durso helped a student with math.  

All winners of the week will be rewarded with a pizza party. 

students posing for picture

YES bulletin board

Kindness bulletin board

student picture

student picture

raffle display

Love bulletin board