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Jurassic Park in the MTP cafeteria!

May 10, 2024

Mt. Pleasant Elementary welcomed back the beloved, DINOMAN!

Jurassic Park was brought to life in MTP's very own cafeteria! Through magic and crazy raccoons, the second grade took a trip back in time to explore more about dinosaurs!

Mr. Lisaius introduced his world famous Dino-balloons (that he made himself) to the students and explained interesting facts about dinosaurs and their history. After the show, he visited classrooms to answer questions and passed around fossils such as petrified wood, a triceratops horn, meteorites and more!

Second grade is already studying dinosaurs so they had some great questions for Dinoman to answer!

Thank you to the PTA and the Arts In Education Committee for bringing this fabulous program to MTP!

Inflatable dinosaur

Children smiling

Students with inflatable dinosaur

Inflatable dinosaur