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SCPD Internet Safety presentation at High School East

September 29, 2023

“We need to get into the habit of making good decisions.”

Those were the words of Officer Karl Allison from the Suffolk County Police Department Community Relations Bureau, as he spoke to students at High School East this week on the topic of internet safety.

Officer Allison said he knows students will be on social media apps, but he wants them to take the information he's giving and apply it.

One example was when a person downloads Snapchat. Officer Allison says when you hit the "ok" button upon signing up, you are granting the app a license to use your content.

"Just because a picture disappears in the app doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. You’ve created a digital footprint.”

Officer Allison visited several health classes this week at High School East.

Officer Allison speaking to class

Officer Allison speaking to class

internet app logos

Officer Allison speaking to class