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I Have a Dream, at Dogwood Elementary

February 7, 2024

Students throughout the SCSD have been learning about the importance of Black History Month.

At Dogwood Elementary, fifth graders created bulletin boards displaying poems that the students wrote entitled, "I Too Have a Dream." After studying the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, the children composed poems to share their dream for the world, tying in both the powerful ideas of MLK as well as their own wishes for the world they want to live in.

Students in second grade created murals and wrote about a dream for themselves, their community, and the world.  Each second grade class read a biography of an important figure in black history. Students read about Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, and Thurgood Marshall. They identified character traits that make each person unique.

In addition, students discussed why they are important figures in history and our present day lives. Mrs. Mangels' class created a collaborative mural of Jackie Robinson and Ms. Aversano's class created a collaborative mural of Thurgood Marshall.

Great job!

I have a dream bulletin boardsBlack History Month mural

I have a dream poem by studentBlack History Month mural

Black History Month bulletin boardMural

Mural of Jackie Robinson