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High School West leadership celebrates Civic Seal achievement

May 31, 2023

A total of 83 leadership students from High School West were honored Wednesday after earning the NYS Seal of Civic Readiness by successfully completing a Civics Capstone Project.

SCSD Director of Social Studies Charles Benvenuto, along with High School West Leadership advisors Dillon Archer and

Joan Havrenek praised the students and handed out medallions which the students will wear under their gowns at graduation.

Assistant Superintendent Paul Strader, along with High School West Principal John Coady, Assistant Principals Chris Elsesser, Michael Freiberg and AnneMarie Freund were also on hand to celebrate the students.

Some of the projects run by the students included promoting wheelchair access to school playgrounds, increasing school extracurricular activities, addressing our veterans food insecurity crisis and a composting initiative.

The New York State Seal of Civic Readiness is a formal recognition that a student has attained a high level of proficiency in their Social Studies coursework and demonstrated civic engagement. The SCSD pilot program allowed interested seniors to earn the Seal of Civic Readiness on their diploma through the completion of the Civics Capstone.

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Students recognized are:

Gabriella Adams, Jessica Amado, Cassandra Avignone, Gianna Bailey, Tatiana Barrera-Rojas, Vanessa Barry, Sasha Blank, Rachel Block, Gabrielle Bowers, Matthew Braun, Holly Breimann, Cassidy Brennan, Kerry Bresnahan Ashley Bulnes-Hernandez, Gianna Cangro, Nicholas Carmella, Joseph Carpenter, Ashley Cohen, Benjamin Concagh, Caitlin Concagh, Samuel Concagh, Patrick Cuff, Helena Danzi, Brook DaSilva, Ava DeMarinis, Bianca DiClemente, Samantha DiGianni, Brianna Donnarumma, Kayla Doyle, Grace Dunn, Matthew Ferrero, Allison Fox, Marisa Giglio, Faith Gioe, Eve Goldman, Lilly Grobert, Marissa Guttieri, Alana Hernandez, Julianna Holtje, Stephen Hunt, Lukas Kalaitzis, Vanessa Karvay, David Kaufman, Sydney Kondracki, Jessica Kritzer, Justine Macolino, Allie Markowitz, Aidan Mathew, Nadia Mathew, Vanessa Mathew, Olivia McCabe, Kaitlyn McCarroll, Sean Mensch, Juliette Michels, Morgan Muller, Hailey Napolitano, Jake Paget, Julia Pappas, Amy Philbin, Emily Pilewski, Juliana Pinelli, Kira Pirrera, Kara Quinn, Niyati Rawal, Madison Reisen, Gianna Rindfuss, Anna Roszkowska-Pajak, Abigail Rus, Juliette Ryan, Sophia Sacco, Dylan Salsedo, Heather Sanger, Landon Schneider, Emily Sherin, Mackenzie Snolis, Catherine Stanco, Leah Treglia, Grace Vibal, Teresa Vilagos, Emily Wachtin, Morgan Wengler, Emily Wightman, Alexandra Young.

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