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High School West honors Gold Cord recipients

May 25, 2023

Eighty-eight seniors at High School West were honored Thursday morning for maintaining a 4.0 GPA for four consecutive years of high school.

Principal John Coady presented the gold cords, which the students will wear at graduation.

High School West Assistant Principal Chris Elsesser lauded the students, telling the crowd, “You all here are indeed extraordinary.”

Also on hand to celebrate the students were SCSD Assistant Superintendent Paul Strader, Administrator for Guidance and Related Student services Kevin Colon, and High School West Assistant Principals Michael Freiberg and Annmarie Freund.

Each HSW guidance counselor announced the students, looked back at their most memorable high school moments and announced their future college plans.

After the ceremony, students, faculty and family members met in the library for breakfast and refreshments.

Congratulations seniors! 

students on stage

student on stage getting award

student on stage getting award

student on stage getting award