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High School West and AEL students join forces

March 18, 2024

High School West students joined forces with third graders from Accompsett Elementary School today to work on keeping our local environment clean.

During the month of March, students at High School West enrolled in the Oceans Class and attended an Upcsulpt workshop, where they learned how to turn ordinary materials into musical instruments as part of a green initiative. 

High School West science teachers, Kimberley Williams and Nicole Carone, received a grant from the EPA, SeaGrant, Long Island Sound Study and Citizens Campaign for the Environment to participate in this project.

Artists Cindy Pease Roe and Bri Sander of Upsculpt, along with local artist Susan Buroker, Tim Needles and Dr. Stephanie O’Brien, joined the high school students to discuss "Upcycling" beach trash and making better choices about single-use plastic.

Today, the students worked with third graders from Accompsett Elementary to create recycled musical instruments.

At the end of the workshop, the students recorded a song and “played” their recycled trash instruments together.

Thank you to Ms. Williams and Ms. Carone, for leading the charge on this project, as well as Dr. O’Brien, Accompsett Elementary School Principal, Tim Heilmuth, and HSW librarian Cathy Masrour.

large group photo

students with instruments

group photo

students with instruments

students with instruments

recycled project

Group singing