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Students at High School West Tuesday worked on their first project for the brand new Computer Science for Innovation course.


Students built safes to guard their favorite candy. Students were able to code different inputs (photocell resistors, pressure sensors and movement) to display different outputs (sound, LED board, lights) and alert others to the intruder. They worked tirelessly to not only write the correct code but also then connect all the components to get the code to run in real life. The students were engaged, collaborative and had to troubleshoot several times to get the results they desired. By clear planning, debugging, and patience all the safes were a HUGE success! 


High School West teacher Jaime Kaplan says, “It's a great elective to have on a transcript and WAY more interesting than study hall. Computer Science is where the jobs are! Everyone should give it a try!”

The course is a second semester course at High School West, and first semester course at East.

The Computer Science Field is one of the fastest growing and highest paying career paths. Mrs. Kaplan says she wants to encourage students to explore the world of computer science even if they have no previous experience or interest in the field. Computer Science for Innovation is designed for students that want to get a basic understanding of how computer programming works in both the physical world by programming and building actual devices (Innovators and Makers) and the virtual world by creating apps (App Creators). The course is designed in these two parts.

student coding at computer

student coding at computer

computer screen

student coding at computer