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HSE Artwork On Display

December 5, 2022

Smithtown High School East students and their families proudly attended The Calderone Arts Center Art reception this past weekend, highlighting the student's work.

Students from Mrs. Smalley's, Mr. Lauto's, and Ms. Shanian's classes had their artwork displayed. A quartet of music students who had met at the Usdan summer camp for the arts provided uplifting jazz tunes to enrich this festive event.

Ms. Natalie Weinstein, owner of Calderone Arts Center, spoke at this event, highlighting the history of the Calderone Theater and all the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead for artists of all ages to work and perform at the Center.

Ms. Weinstein chatted briefly with HS East principal, Mr. Rob Rose about their mutual appreciation for the support our Smithtown community offers the Arts and its students.

Mr. Rose said how impressed he was by all the artwork he saw at his first art reception, and how creative the students are.

Ms. Weinstein also spoke with Ms. Shanian about the importance of not only teaching Art, but seeing that high school students' artwork is displayed in the community for all to appreciate.

All were invited to tour the second floor galleries to get a better sense of the potential this expanding Arts Center holds.

Special thanks to Mr. Jack Ader, who curated and hung this high school student exhibit for both Smithtown High School East and pieces from The Knox School.

The pieces will be displayed until early January.

Artwork on display at Calderone Arts Center

Artwork on display at Calderone Arts Center

Artwork on display at Calderone Arts Center