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Great Hollow Scholastic Challenge winners!

June 5, 2023

Great Hollow Middle School participated in Scholastic Challenge 2023, an enrichment activity that allows students to demonstrate a variety of problem-solving skills and knowledge in many academic areas. 

All students recieved a signed certificate with the top 4 received a medal as well.  
Congratulations to Andrew Collins for being recognized as a State Champion! 

The Grade 6 scholastic winners are:  Andrew Collins, Brandon Bellissimo, Arin Tilara, Bobby Connick, Aarjav Parikh, Kennedy Goodwin, Decian Hoey, Anthony Panchuk, Vardhan Ravva, Abigail Ennella, Madeleine Lang, Bianca Ungur, Sienna Cornicelli, Sydney Wetstein, Maleeka Abdelkader, David Diele, Leanna Alvarado, Jake Friedrich, Shreyans Pailla, Cooper Villani, Natalia Triantafillis, Robert Zuleta, Seraphina Baez, Brayden Bjornson, Angela Kaplan and Lily Dowdell.

The Grade 8 scholastic winners are: Landon Silva, Liam Powers, Maciej Lewicki, Ryan Selzer, Rachiti Parikh, Ava Tagliavia, Charlie Javorowsky, Veronika Leshko, Allison Byrne, Aashish Kusumba, Alina Zhu, Roja Swami, Liana Cheng, Emmanuel Katsamanis, Aanika Teepireddy, Matthew Davide, Aishani Kadiyala, Matthew Davide, Aishani Kadiyala, Matthew Salmieri, Emily Cho, Katriel Harriott, Vincent Leto, Maya Slupski, Megan Donnelly, Sierra Van Riel, Marcello DiCostanzo, Colette Fox, Katie Romano, Brian Noon, Dimitris Papadopouolos, Harley Sopko.

kids posing for pics

kids posing for pic