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Going up? Virtual Enterprise student aces "Elevator Pitch"

December 11, 2023

Smithtown East Senior Melissa Sullivan participated in the National Elevator Pitch Competition for her Virtual Enterprise Company ALLTag and placed in the top 10% nationwide. Melissa's role in Mr. Costello’s Virtual Enterprise class is the Chief of Sales for ALLTag.  The Virtual Enterprise Class is offered through the CTE Business Department. 

You may be asking what an elevator pitch is? It is a quick and persuasive speech that generates interest in a person, product, service, or business. The name elevator pitch is used because the conversation usually takes place within the amount of time of a short elevator ride. This competition challenges VE students to make a convincing and engaging elevator pitch about their business to someone they recently met.

Each firm must record a 30-60 second video of a VE student delivering an elevator pitch for their business. 

ALLTag is a company that created products that will help you to  Never lose your items again! Providing an affordable and convenient way to help all users find what’s lost, one tag at a time!

Melissa Sullivan smiling for picture