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Diving into history with new social studies electives

January 8, 2024

High School East and West students are enjoying some new Social Studies electives this year.

In “New York City and Long Island History,” students examine the social, political, cultural and economic history of both New York City and Long Island, and how the changes in greater metropolitan New York affected American life.

students in classroom smiling

Students in the “History Through Film” class examine how film has portrayed historical events and how films have impacted culture and collective memory. One student said, “History Through Film was one of my favorite classes I've taken, and I couldn't wait to come to 4th period every day.”

students in classroom with popcorn

Finally, in “History of Sports in American Society,"  students study the development of sports through various historical and cultural perspectives while analyzing the relationship between sports and social, economic, cultural, and political forces within the United States as well as the world.

"I enjoyed taking the History of Sports in American Society, " one student told us. "I studied something I am passionate about and we covered a lot of important topics and concepts."

Students in sports class