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Deadliest Catch star visits SCSD

April 30, 2024

“I’m here today to make sure you become the captain of your life.”

Those were the words of Nick Tokman, also known as “Sunshine” on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, as he spoke to students at Tackan and Nesaquake Elementary Schools on Tuesday, April 30.

According to his website, Nick aims to empower others to overcome all of the distractions and obstacles that get in the way of owning who they are so they achieve THEIR definition of success.

As a cast member of the Emmy-Winning show, Nick battled some of the harshest working conditions known to man, including 30-35 foot rogue waves, freezing temperatures, extreme physical labor and 20-hour work days. 

Nick spoke to our students about the importance of listening to the voice “within” and not to pay as much attention to what others want you to do. 

“Find out who you are what you wanna do with your life”

Nick and a student

Nick talking

Students watching

Nick talking

Nick talking