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DECA students score at States!

March 12, 2024

Ninety students from Smithtown East and West DECA competed in the New York DECA State Competition this year in Rochester, New York.  Smithtown East and West received 75 medals and trophies, and 11 students qualified in their competition to attend the International Career Conference in Anaheim, CA where they will compete against all the top winners from across the globe.  

There were over 3,000 students from across the state competing.  The competitions included business topics such as; marketing, finance, public relations, accounting and entrepreneurship.  Students competed in either tests and role plays or written manuals and presentations.

The 11 students who won trophies as well as the two students that received the School Based Enterprise Certification and one Thrive Leadership Academy student are advancing to the International Competition in Anaheim, California at the end of April.  They will be competing against all the top winners from across the globe.   

As always, a special thank you to CTE Director Christine LoFrese, and DECA Co-Advisors Patrick Rosa, Maeve Miller, Stefanie Torlentino and Stephannia Kabanakis for all of their work and expertise!


HSE and HSW DECA teams


In addition to our students placing in their various competitions, SCSD students were also were awarded chapter recognition for the following areas:

EAST: Community Service, Membership & Promotional Campaigns - earned Thrive Level. Awards given for donations to State Charity:  St. Jude's Children's Foundation

Corporate Challenge: National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Gold SBE Certification


2024 New York DECA Honor Society:

East: Annie Tang, Roksolana Shvets, Joseph Fallon

East DECA Honor Society

West: Jessica Alexander, Jackie Caulin, David Finkelstein, Hatim Husainy, Reese Jurman, Michael Magee, Alexandra Manzi, Ryan Stiles, Isabella Torres

West DECA Honor Society

DECA East State Medal and Trophy Winners: 

Jatin Inti, Guiliana Capobianco, Philip DeStefano, Joseph Fallon, Christina Frangas, Lillian Grayson, Mateo Boyd Lenard, Tyler Popko, Prateek Chilakmarthy, Avery Donnelly, Benjamin Khandpur, Olivia Bozzo, Ryan Kornweiss, Alison Tawil, Juliana Nestor, Melissa Sullivan, Katie Cummings, Eric Milburn, Anthony Polito, Jaden Peykar, Roksolana Shvets, Jase Heffernan & Brendan Thatcher

DECA East State Medal and Trophy Winners:

DECA West State Medal and Trophy Winners:

Sidney Marks, Gavin German, Gabrielle Guttieri, David Finkelstein, Robert Montusi, Cole Jurman, Maribella Marciano, Victor D’Ericco, Jessica Alexander, Emily McNiff, Corina Wong, Matt Bannell, Maddie Sacco, Ryan Stiles, Kate Braun, Reese Jurman, Charlotte Muratore, Andrew Gelfand, Rebecca Gelman, Katie Guarino, Ashley Mayorga, Elizabeth Mock, Annika Prabhu, Isabella Torres, Sienna Mele, Hatim Husainy, Ashlynn Renkowski

DECA West State Medal and Trophy Winners:

East State Finalists Advancing to the International Competition:

Eric Milburn, Katie Cummings, Guiliana Capobianco, Anthony Polito, Ryan Kornweiss, Benjamin Khandpur, Roksolana Shvets, Jaden Peykar, Stefannia Kabanakis, Jase Heffernan, Brendan Thatcher, Prateek Chilakmarthy

East State Finalists Advancing to the International Competition

Jase Heffernan & Brendan Thatcher

Prateek Chilakmarthy

West State Finalists Advancing to the International Competition:

Jessica Alexander, Ashlynn Renkowski

West State Finalists Advancing to the International Competition