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Smithtown High School East student Jolene Cao has won 2nd Place in the National American Chemical Society Illustrated Poem Contest

In celebration of National Chemistry Week, the American Chemical Society sponsored an Illustrated Poem Contest. In 40 words or less, contestants were challenged to write an illustrated poem centered on the theme of “The Healing Power of Chemistry.” Entries were judged on the quality of their poem, the imagery of their artwork, and the creativity of their overall submission.

Jolene crafted a submission due to her passion for the subject of chemistry. She single-handedly created a Chem Club at East, and she strives to spread the wonders of chemistry to her peers.”

According to Ms. Maria Zeitlin, the East ThINK Discovery Research Coordinator, “Chemistry is the central science. From polymers to drug delivery, we owe many of our modern healthcare marvels to the wonders of chemistry.

For her win Jolene will receive $150. Great job!



Group picture of Jolene, Principal Robert Rose, Maria Zeitlin and Director of Science Dr. Stephanie O'Brien

Jolene's science poem