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Third grade students at Smithtown Elementary recently received a special visit from David Swift, Head of Partnerships from Book Creator.

Mr. Swift visited Mrs. Parendo's 3rd grade class where students worked in centers to show Mr Swift the Kenya, Habitat, and All About Me books they created with the support of Smithtown's Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, Ms. Manning.

Mrs. Parendo's class even created a special book just for Mr. Swift sharing what they loved about Book Creator and offered some ideas on what they'd like added to Book Creator. Mr Swift loved their ideas and is going to bring them back to the design team. He was so impressed with how much they learned in only 3 weeks of using Book Creator.

The students were so excited to receive Book Creator pens and stickers from Mr Swift.

student in class

special guest in class

student in class

class working

Book Creator and class