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Blankets of Hope at AMS

March 25, 2024

Five Accompsett Middle School students led a “movement of kindness” among their peers, and helped out people in need in the process.

Seventh graders Nadia Tomitz, Olivia Read, Samantha Pineda Castro, Mary Perri, Talia Cascione presented a "Kindness Workshop" to classmates, in conjunction with the organization, Blankets of Hope.

Blankets of Hope’s goal is to inspire a “global movement of kindness, one blanket at a time.”  

The organization has children write letters of kindness to people experiencing homelessness and they attach them to blankets. The ninety blankets that were sent to AMS all received a message of hope for the team to district to local shelters.

The girls from "Hearts 4 Hygiene" are also hosting a toiletry drive to include with the blanket delivery. For Women's History Month the girls plan to donate to local women's shelters. Donations are being accepted until April 11th in Accompsett Middle School ELA classrooms.

For more information on Blankets of Hope, click HERE

students posing for picture

picture of blankets

students in classroom