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Arbor Day planting at Accompsett Elementary

April 26, 2024

In celebration of Arbor Day today, second graders at Accompsett Elementary School worked together to plant a sapling outside of the school.

Mr. Tom Rodler, grandfather of second grader, Kenzie, and Ms. Heinz, Kenzie’s mom, came to school to educate the children about the importance of trees.

“Trees are there to do a lot of important things for us, so we should thank them when we go outside,” Mr. Rodler told the students.

The sampling that was planted will grow into a Redbud tree, and will be aptly named, “Buddy.”

Students also took home their own sampling to plant their own Spruce tree.

Arbor Day is a special day to be set aside for the planting of trees.

Group photo by tree

Picture of tree

Group looking at tree

Grandfather, mom and student picture