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A special visit from the "Bearcat"

May 12, 2023

            Students at Mills Pond Elementary were very excited to be visited by Nassau County Police Department Officer Keath Mishkin on Friday. 
            Officer Mishkin, a member of the NCPD Swat Team since 2013, not only came to educate students about how officers help the community, he brought the department's Bearcat vehicle.
            The vehicle is all steel, bullet proof and weighs 19,000 pounds. Officer Mishkin, who has been a member of the NCPD for 18 years, allowed the students to climb into the vehicle to get a sense of its power.
            Officer Mishkin also had another special reason for visiting Mills Pond— his sons, Colton Mishkin and Dakota Mishkin who attend the school.

police officer talking to students

student in police helmet

Officer with his sons

girls in truck

officer in classroom

police officer talking to students