Problem-Solving Skills Help Save Their Pop

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During a recent Project Lead the Way lesson, the second graders in Mrs. Rasmussen’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School participated in a problem-solving hands-on activity to “save the ice pop.” They had to problem solve a way to save their ice pops before they melted. The students learned about insulators and conductors during the unit focusing on states of matter.

Artwork Reflects Differences

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Students from Wendy Herman’s fourth grade class at Smithtown Elementary School recently read the book “A Fish in a Tree.” The book’s main character feels out of place and doesn’t feel good enough in school because of her learning differences and dyslexia. The students visited the computer lab to create a 3D art project that illustrates what a fish in a tree might look like. After transferring their creations to Publisher, they wrote literature and self-connections about other characters in stories or themselves having the feeling of being a fish in a tree.

Secondary Instructional Plan beginning April 2 Click Here

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Secondary Instructional Plan beginning April 2, 2020

Elementary Instructional Plan beginning April 2 Click Here

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Elementary Instructional Plan beginning April 2, 2020

Students Leap Into Science Learning

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Seventh grade science students at Great Hollow Middle School got hands-on during a dissection lab. Prior to the frog dissection, the students learned about the internal and external structures of the frog. Working in pairs, the students dissected the frogs, carefully noting and identifying the different parts and organs.