Good Sports

Mills Pond Elementary School recently held one of its family sports nights, as fourth-graders, along with some brave parents, took to the gymnasium floor for a series of spirited competitions in “battle of the classes” style. Students of Ms. Lopez, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Quail squared off in the tire roll, soccer dribble, hockey skills …


Personalized Projects

Family and Consumer Sciences sixth-grade students at Nesaquake Middle School  ​recently applied the many newly-gained skills they learned in class while crafting personalized, handmade pillows. Decision-making, resource management and time management ​are among the important skills they learn and incorporate into their projects.  


Students Measure the Planet

Well before (1,700 years) Christopher Columbus discovered America, the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes measured the diameter of the Earth. Students at Smithtown High Schools East and West recently collaborated with students from Brazil to re-enact his calculation. Students measured the length of a shadow to calculate the angle of the sun at exactly solar noon, which …


“Plant a Bulb” an AEL Tradition

This year’s annual “Plant a Bulb” event took place on Thursday, October 3rd. With the help of our wonderful parent volunteers, new students, faculty, and staff gathered in the courtyard to each plant their own bulb. With this gesture, participants ensured not only the success of the growing plant but the success of each of …