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  • Dianne Shanian Pointing Board That Introduces The Social Realism Pieces
    Artists on Display in St. James New!
    Students in Dianne Shanian’s painting 1 class at High School East had their social realism paintings displayed at the Calderone Gallery in St. James throughout the month of June. Owner Natalie Weinstein and her associate Jack Ader held a reception to celebrate the artists on June 5. Students and their families gathered at the gallery to celebrate this honor and show their work to the community. Read Full Story >
  • Mrs. Amato and Two of Her Students
    Finding the Force at Mt. Pleasant New!
    Kindergartners in Mrs. Amato’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, along with Mrs. Smerechniak, learned about forces in everyday life. Students explored and identified forces such as pushes and pulls through learning centers. They discovered the effects of different strengths or different directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object. Read Full Story >
  • people on video chat
    West Senior Named CAS Scholarship Winner
    On June 3, the Council of Administrators and Supervisors virtually honored four graduating seniors with $1,000 scholarships honoring past CAS officers. This year, Smithtown High School West senior Christina Unkenholz received the Anthony Laurino Award. “As in past years, the competition was very keen, with more than 20 outstanding applicants from across Long Island,” the CAS members said. “Consequently, the selection committee had a very difficult time choosing the four... Read Full Story >
  • three students holding flower
    All Abuzz at Mt. Pleasant
    Students in Mrs. Chester’s second grade class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School applied their knowledge learned during a recent Project Lead the Way pollination lesson. The students learned how bees transfer pollen from stamen to pistil in flowers. They created their own fuzzy bees to move pollen and had fun buzzing around. Read Full Story >

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