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  • Junior Reporters New!
    Four Branch Brook fifth-graders from Mrs. Dunleavy’s class – Ryan Verderame, Becky Gatto, Maddy Melendez and Peter Petito – interviewed actress Esther Zynn for Newsday’s Kidsday on April 6 at Viacom offices in New York City. Esther Zynn stars in the new Nickelodeon live action television show, “The Other Kingdom,” on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. Read Full Story >

  • Special Visitors New!
    Tackan Student Council members were participating in a spring beautification project on school grounds on April 11 when they got a visit from two Suffolk County police officers on routine patrol. While the students were surprised by the visit, they were even more surprised when police officers Wustenhoof and Brown decided to pitch in and help them rake and bag leaves. Read Full Story >

  • College Fair
    The district held its annual Evening College Fair on April 7 in the HSE gymnasium hosted by high school counselors and Ingrid Hrvatin, administrator for guidance and related student services. Students and parents were given the opportunity to meet with more than 80 college representatives from various colleges. The program provides information regarding admission criteria, popular majors, finance, scholarships, social life, housing, athletics and more. Read Full Story >

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