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Parent University Flyer

Ugly Truth Flyer

Fifth Grade Trip

Thank-You Letter for Arborvitae Tree Donation

Babysitter Stop Request Form for Bus Transportation

 Tackan’s Reading Road Trip: Bookmark Contest Display 2017



Tackan Reflections 2016-2017 from Syntax on Vimeo.

The People vs. Goldilocks

The People vs. Goldilocks pic

Fifth-graders at Tackan Elementary School put Goldilocks on trial for her criminal acts in a court case with more than a dozen witnesses on Nov. 9.

Goldilocks was accused of trespassing at the Three Bears’ home, eating Papa Bear’s porridge and leftover chicken, stealing money (petty larceny), trying on Mama Bear’s dresses and breaking Baby Bear’s rocking chair (criminal mischief). Goldilocks went on trial against the plaintiffs, the Three Bears. 

As Goldilocks’ lawyers and the prosecution went toe to toe trying to prove their respective clients’ cases, other fairy tale characters were called to testify as witnesses including the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, the Gingerbread Man, the Three Blind Mice, Chicken Little and more. 

After hearing all the facts in the case, the jury of fourth-graders handed down a verdict and sentencing for Goldilocks.

Tackan Gets Active for Its PTA

Tackan Gets Active for Its PTA

Tackan Elementary School came together to support its Parent-Teacher Association while having fun and staying healthy.

On Nov. 2, the school hosted a Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for the school’s PTA while also keeping its students active. Prior to the run, students garnered pledges and sponsors from family members and friends for each lap they ran. In total, Tackan raised more than $18,000 to benefit its PTA. Pledges came from 25 different states and five different countries.

Dressed in their Tackan Fun Run T-shirts, the students marched out class by class with their banners and were introduced as they ran through the inflatable tunnel. The track was set up in the front of the school, and students completed between 30-35 laps as teachers marked off each lap on the lap of their shirts. To make it even more fun, students had different activities to do during the laps such as skipping, dancing and walking.

Resources, Workshops Provide Tools for Success

Resources, Workshops Provide Tools for Success

The district and its Parent-Teacher Associations, in partnership with the Smithtown Youth Bureau, Horizons Counseling and Education, Suffolk County Police Department and the Counter Drug Task Force, presented a Parent/Student University focusing on current drugs trends on Nov. 1 in the High School West auditorium.

Community members, parents and students came out to listen to the presentation on topics such as the dangers of alcohol abuse and vaping, social host laws, and what’s happening in the local community by Suffolk County Police Officer George Lynagh, Town of Smithtown youth services coordinator Kelly DeVito, Horizon Counseling and Education Center assistant director Patrice Levy and National Guard Counterdrug Task Force senior airman Gabriel Manzueta.  

Keynote speaker Jeffrey Reynolds, president and CEO of Family and Children’s Association, spoke to attendees about prevention, recovery and support resources. Before and after the presentation, community resources were available from local agents such as Project Presence, Inc., Families Anonymous, Tobacco Coalition of Long Island, LICADD, St. Patrick Youth, WellLife Network and YMCA Family Services. 

“It is an honor to work in a school district with such an invested community of parents, faculty and students,” said Siobhán Cassidy, Project Presence, Inc.’s director of professional development and practice. 

Throughout the evening, social-emotional workshops were conducted to offer parents tools to better connect. Parents learned about Smithtown Central School District’s social-emotional learning initiative and how they can partner with the schools at home. A parent/child yoga workshop gave participants the opportunity to increase body awareness and strengthen the parent/child connection. A mindfulness workshop taught parents how to be more present in their relationships with their child. The eating for energy workshop focused on how to reduce cravings, detoxify and find the top food categories for increasing energy.

Tackan Fun Run

The PTA sponsored BOOSTERTHON culminated with a FUNRUN on November2, 2017. Students were sponsored to complete the run.The theme of the program was called Castle Quest and connected to character education. The big event was a huge success and Mr. Lambertwas ceremoniously SLIMED at the end of the day!