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TEL Pic99 Midwood Avenue, Nesconset, NY 11767


Main Office: (631) 382-2670
Health Office: (631) 382-2680
Principal - Dr. Leeds (631) 382-2670
Fax: (631) 382-2676




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Bus Emergency Contact Information:

After 4pm you can use the following numbers if there is a bus emergency.
Always stay home if your child has not arrived- do not go to the school.
Our main office closes at 4pm

Towne Bus for all Large Buses: 631-862-2019
Suffolk Transportation for all mini buses: 631-732-3200 ext 16





Giving Back to Their Community

Giving Back to Their Community thumbnail159118
Students in the Character Education and Citizenship Club at Tackan Elementary School helped families in their own community by organizing donated food items into boxes. They worked diligently to fill each box with the required items. The club members also helped the families in their community by wrapping donated gifts. Students were excited to be a part of this activity because they enjoy giving back and being active in community service.

Tackan Celebrates Holidays Around the World

Tackan Celebrates Holidays Around the World thumbnail159113
Tackan Elementary School celebrated the holiday traditions of different countries around the world during a program sponsored by the school’s Parent-Teacher Association on Dec. 12. The students learned about Hanukkah, Christmas, Three Kings Day, Kwanzaa and winter solstice. The different holidays were all demonstrated with stories, song and dance.

A Taste of Winter Poetry

A Taste of Winter Poetry thumbnail159111
The second graders at Tackan Elementary School are using all five of their senses during a recent writing assignment. Writing about winter, the students were asked to use all five of their senses when describing the season and what it means to them during a poetry lesson. They brainstormed different ideas of how winter makes them feel, how it smells, the different touches and sounds, and how it tastes. Their final drafts were mounted to a cup of hot cocoa brimming with cotton ball marshmallows.

Great Hollow Chamber Choir Visits

Tackan Students Tackle Tricky Words

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First graders in Kathleen Ierano’s class at Tackan Elementary School are practicing “trick” words using Play-Doh. Trick words are the words that do not follow the “rules” of the English language so they need to be memorized. Play-Doh isn’t just for fun; it’s also great tool to use for strengthening fine-motor skills. 

HSE Chamber Choir Visits Tackan

Boosterthon 2019