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Bull STEAM Ahead Flyer

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Fifth Grade Report Card Letter

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Town of Smithtown

Parent Study Group (Parenting skills program)
Starting this Thursday, March 23rd - FREE of charge. Register ASAP.

Provided at the Town of Smithtown Horizons Center/Youth Bureau
161 E. Main Street, Smithtown
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Topics include:
Encouraging Responsibility & Cooperation in the Family

Changing Behavior by Changing Parent Response

Replacing Power Struggles & Conflict with a More Democratic Family Environment

How Consequences Replace Punishment
Click here to view the Parent Study Group flyer

PLEASE feel free pass this information on to any parents who may be interested in participating.

Contact Karen Aldrich - 631-360-7595 for further information and/or registration.



PARP Kickoff

PARP Kickoff photo
PARP Kickoff photo 2
St. James Elementary kicked off their P.A.R.P. celebration with a Community Reader Day on Jan. 16. Deputy Phil Doukas shared a book about bicycle safety. Mrs. Dennis’ students were all deputized as junior deputies of bike safety.

A Holiday Tradition at St. James

A Holiday Tradition at St. James

St. James Elementary held its 10th annual “Nutcracker” performance on Dec. 20. Performed by the first and second graders, under direction of Mrs. Braunreuther, the students showed off their weeks of hard work to friends and family.

A Celebration of Ancestry

A Celebration of Ancestry photo

Starting with a musical performance that took the audience on a trip around the world, third-grade students at St. James Elementary School celebrated Heritage Day on Nov. 16.

As part of their Heritage Day project, students had to locate an historical document that was linked to their family history in some way. Each student then traced their family heritage back to that document to show their lineage. Students designed their own posters featuring their family history as well as family crests. 

Invited guests joined the third-graders in the multipurpose room to show off their projects and go on a “scavenger hunt” to find clues about their ancestry. Back in the classrooms, the celebration continued as students and guests sampled different ethnic food prepared by each family.