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Bull STEAM Ahead Flyer

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Fifth Grade Report Card Letter

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Town of Smithtown

Parent Study Group (Parenting skills program)
Starting this Thursday, March 23rd - FREE of charge. Register ASAP.

Provided at the Town of Smithtown Horizons Center/Youth Bureau
161 E. Main Street, Smithtown
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Topics include:
Encouraging Responsibility & Cooperation in the Family

Changing Behavior by Changing Parent Response

Replacing Power Struggles & Conflict with a More Democratic Family Environment

How Consequences Replace Punishment
Click here to view the Parent Study Group flyer

PLEASE feel free pass this information on to any parents who may be interested in participating.

Contact Karen Aldrich - 631-360-7595 for further information and/or registration.



St. James Students Keep their Cool

St. James Students Keep their Cool photo

Students in Kelly Collett’s second-grade class at St. James Elementary School recently completed their study of different forms of matter. As a culminating activity, the students participated in a Project Lead the Way lesson and designed their own coolers.

Board of Education Honors Accomplishments

Board of Education Honors Accomplishments photo

Smithtown showed off the talent of its student body and recognized the accomplishments of students and staff during its Feb. 26 board of education meeting.

The meeting was held at Smithtown Elementary School, as the board of education is moving its meetings to different locations this school year in an effort to connect with the community. Smithtown Elementary fifth-graders showed off their performing skills with a sneak peek of a few songs from their upcoming presentation of “The Lion King” to start the meeting.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Grossane honored and recognized several teachers and a student. High School West senior Matthew Bizzaro was recognized for receiving first place in the Long Island round of the National Automotive Technology Competition. Four Smithtown teachers – David Junz, Kelly Bigliani, Glenn Rogers and Brian Cusati – were honored for being chosen as Project Lead the Way Master Teachers. Lastly, High School East math teacher Marianne Schoepflin was honored for achieving National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification. 

Tinker Tuesday Sparks Creativity

Tinker Tuesday Sparks Creativity photo

Once a month, library media specialist Keely Schuppert hosts a Tinker Tuesday for the fifth-graders at St. James Elementary School.

The fifth-graders have a chance to participate in a variety of different hands-on, STEM-based activities that challenge them to think outside the box and use their creative minds to problem solve. The students sign up for Tinker Tuesdays, which take place during their lunch period.

So far this year, the students have done origami, and worked with pearler beads. In January, the students were tasked with making marshmallow towers using mini-marshmallows and toothpicks. 

The structures taught the students about different engineering principles and ways to craft the designs to have the most stability. After the designs were complete, the students shook their structures to mimic a natural disaster to see if they could withstand the destruction. Those whose structures tumbled went back to the building stage for a redesign. 

Math Mentors Make Fair a Success

Math Mentors Make Fair a Success photo

Fifth-graders at St. James Elementary School were thrilled to partner with Math Honor Society students from High School East to work on their math fair projects. During the last five weeks, the Honor Society students visited the elementary students to mentor them on their math fair projects. After the fifth-graders decided on their project ideas, the high school mentors – nearly 60 of them – helped them talk through the process, build their trifold displays and work on their presentation skills. The students had a practice run showing off and explaining their work during the mentors final visit on Feb. 13. On Feb. 14, the students showed off their hard work to friends and family. The students also displayed their projects during STEAM Night at High School East in April.

Epic Club Fundraiser

Members of the Epic Club at St. James Elementary School are making bead kits to raise money for Caitlin’s Smiles, a program to help children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses by giving them hope, laughs and smiles.

St. James Students Get Schooled in 24

St. James Students Get Schooled in 24 photo

Fifth-graders at St. James Elementary School went head to head in a math competition on Jan. 24. The students participated in the 24 Math Challenge. The object of the competition is to be the first person to make the number 24 using all four numbers on the playing card. Competing first in small groups within their classrooms, the students participated in three 12-minute rounds. The top two players from each class then headed to the final round to proclaim a 24 Math Challenge winner.

St. James Authors Share their Narrative Writing

St. James Authors Share their Narrative Writing photo

Young authors in Robin Baker’s fourth-grade class at St. James Elementary School shared their narrative writing creations with invited guests during a literacy celebration on Jan. 24. Gathered in small groups, the students spoke about the writing process and how they developed their story ideas.

The students spoke about the different steps in the writing process, showed off their rough drafts and peer-edited work. They spoke about how they had to keep revising each draft, building the characters and their conflicts and developing the story. Each student then presented their completed narrative piece to the group, and members of the group wrote comments about what they enjoyed most about the book. 

Designing Structures for Different Settings

Designing Structures for Different Settings photo

Second-graders in Kelly Collett’s class at St. James Elementary School used both their social studies and science skills to create structures as part of a Project Lead the Way lesson.

After learning about urban and rural settings, the students were tasked with building a rural and urban structure using 75 notched popsicle sticks. Project Lead the Way coach Brian Cusati led the lesson on understanding the differences between how urban and rural structures are built. Students also learned how matter can be made into different objects. 

Working in small groups, the students created a vertical design that could work in an urban environment. The students then deconstructed their design and used the same material to create a rural building.