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Principal - Mr. McCabe:
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Assistant Principal - Mr. Solomon:
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Counselor - Jennifer Harnett 6th-7th grade: A-H
8th grade: A-G

(631) 382-5133
Counselor - Jennifer McGlone 6th grade: I-MA
7th grade: I-MO
8th grade: H-MC
(631) 382-5138
Counselor - Melissa Johnson
6th grade: MB-Z
7th grade: MP-Z
8th grade: MD-Z
(631) 382-5136

Psychologist - Christian Forie: (631) 382-5137
Social Worker - Frank Grieco:
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Speech - Bonna Gittleman:
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The USDA has extended the free breakfast and free lunch offerings for all school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program through June 2022. Therefore, all students remain eligible for breakfast and lunch at no cost for the entire 2021-2022 school year. Please note that a' la carte items are not considered "meals" and do not qualify as free, but are still available for purchase. THESE ITEMS INCLUDE INDIVIDUAL CARTONS OF MILK, INDIVIDUAL JUICE, BEVERAGES, SNACKS, INDIVIDUAL FRUIT. For additional information, please contact Child Nutrition at 631-382-5000.

Nesaquake Students Make Instruments with Creative Materials

Students pose with instrument. thumbnail209654

Nesaquake Middle School students demonstrated their knowledge of musical instruments by building their own with random materials in a competitive format on Friday morning.

Stan Bielski’s music elective class first explored the Hornbostel-Sachs method of classifying musical instruments into categories based on their means of sound production:

Aerophones — instruments activated by air, mostly by blowing into the instrument.

Chordophones — stringed instruments whose strings are plucked, picked or bowed.

Idiophones — instruments whose entire construction vibrates, such as cowbells and cymbals.

Membranophones — instruments that feature an animal or artificial skin stretched over a frame or shell, such as most drums.

Electrophones — instruments using electricity to produce their characteristic sounds, such as the theremin and stylophone.

Drawing from the Food Channel program "Chopped" for inspiration, students were divided into four teams and given the same objects: a large coffee can, rubber bands, latex glove, Velcro, string, cardboard tubes, plastic straws, marbles and plastic Ziploc bags. They then were charged with making an instrument in one of the Hornbostel-Sach categories, except electrophones.

Students utilized additional items including duct tape, a can opener and magic tape to make their projects.

Middle School Musicians Get Preview of Opportunities That Await in High School

A French Horn player performs thumbnail209627

Eighth grade musicians received a taste on Thursday of what awaits them when they arrive in high school next academic year.

Great Hollow Middle School students zoned for High School West as well as Accompsett Middle School students visited their future home on Thursday morning for performances from current members of the high school’s concert band, symphonic orchestra, concert and jazz choirs, and symphonic band, including the woodwind and jazz ensembles.

Nesaquake and the other Great Hollow Middle School musicians similarly will visit High School East on Friday.

The goal is to introduce the eighth graders to options that await them next year and beyond, and energize them about wanting to participate once they arrive at the high school.

High school teachers began each performance with information about when the different music groups meet and the requirements to join.

The symphonic orchestra even previewed an upcoming concert gala performance by playing Star Wars’ Yoda theme song for the middle school students.

“The people on the stage are the present,” orchestra teacher Joe Cotignola told Great Hollow eighth graders while motioning to the current-day High School West symphonic orchestra on stage. “You are the future — the seeds. … I look forward to when you’re playing for Great Hollow students in the years to come.”

Date Added: 1/20/2022

Smithtown CSD Students Selected for All-County Band, Orchestra, Chorus Ensembles

The High School West concert orchestra performs on Dec. 14. thumbnail208634
The High School West concert orchestra performs on Dec. 14.

A bevy of Smithtown Central School District musicians and singers in fifth through 10th grades have been selected for all-county honors ensembles.

The honorees, who now may participate in county bands, orchestras and choruses:

High School East: Emily Lam (cello), Jolene Cao (harp), Sanjivani Singh (violin 1), Shriyans Singh (violin 2), Rishabh Dholakia (violin 1), Jessica Penna (cello), Jake Lomando (viola), Jolene Cao (violin 2), Josephine Lent (percussion), Carter Lam (alto sax 2), Leo Carnevale (trumpet 3), Michael Van Brunt (percussion), Sarah Schrier (soprano 2), Ariana Glaser (alto 2), Joseph Newman (tenor 2), Ashley Irmscher (alto 2).

High School West: Rose Link (flute 2), Ethan Benstock (trumpet 1), Mikayla Grafstein (flute 2), Erika Gehrling (alto 2), Noella Sexton (soprano 2), Hatim Husainy (bass 1), Jarod Hirsch (tenor 2), Zachary Podair (tenor 2), Jia Macalinao (also 2), Vincent Fallacaro (bass 2), Melvin Cheng (violin 1), Henri Buchet (violin 1), Abigail Jung (violin 2), Anabelle Krietzman (violin 2), Hannah Ren (violin 1), Heng Ye (cello), Kayla O’Hagan (violin 1).

Accompsett Middle School: Keith Carden (percussion), Allyson McCabe (trumpet 3), Matthew Segal (trumpet 3), Matthew Galletta (alto sax 2), Rose Scavuzzo (flute 2), Jacey Lin (violin 1), Katherine Norris (violin 2), Lilah Carden (violin 2), Asha Andrews (soprano), Emily McNiff (alto), Michael Lagnese (children’s voice 1), Dominic Scavuzzo (children’s voice 1), Emmerson LeBrecht (alto).

Great Hollow Middle School: Juliet Chong (violin 1), Laina Magguilli (violin 2), Vanya Sharma (viola), Jake Saidens (violin 2), Ava Tagliavia (percussion), Madeline McCullough (Bb clarinet 3), Matthew Benstock (percussion timpani), Hannah Waller (soprano), Marilena Castoro (soprano).

Nesaquake Middle School: Sophia Leodis (flute 2), Maisie Havis (baritone/euphonium), Kevin Ronan (baritone/euphonium), Ryan Mitchell (trumpet 1), Justin Basile (tuba), Jack Moylan (Bb clarinet 3), Robert Boccafola-Fritz (bass clarinet), Eleanor Hottenroth (French horn 4), Riley Poole (French horn 4), Lyla Groneman (percussion mallet), Naomi Sanabia (violin 2), Nicholas Puccio (cello), Madelyn Geldmacher (violin 1), Ethan Tuzinkiewicz (viola), Allison Song (violin 2), Jaden Robinson (soprano), Jonathan Setzer (baritone), Joanna Hurd (children’s voice 1), Jordan Greenridge (children’s voice 1), Dahlia McHugh (children’s voice 1).

Accompsett Elementary: Veronica Leitner (children’s voice 1), Julia Lovejoy (children’s voice 1), Gabrielle Conforte (children’s voice 1).