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2022 Kindergarten Orientation Information


Mission Statement

The path to our dreams begins with the partnership between our school and families working collaboratively to ensure a safe and caring environment. Varied educational experiences at Mt. Pleasant Elementary school offer students the tools necessary to embrace diversity, become independent lifelong learners, and compassionate global citizens.



The USDA has extended the free breakfast and free lunch offerings for all school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program through June 2022. Therefore, all students remain eligible for breakfast and lunch at no cost for the entire 2021-2022 school year. Please note that a' la carte items are not considered "meals" and do not qualify as free, but are still available for purchase. THESE ITEMS INCLUDE INDIVIDUAL CARTONS OF MILK, INDIVIDUAL JUICE, BEVERAGES, SNACKS, INDIVIDUAL FRUIT. For additional information, please contact Child Nutrition at 631-382-5000.


Mt. Pleasant Teachers Read to Students at Evening Event

Teacher reads at event. thumbnail209653

Mt. Pleasant Elementary faculty and staff treated young visitors to Barnes & Noble with special readings of their favorite children’s books on Thursday night.

Sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant PTA, the Smith Haven Mall bookstore hosted the Pick A Reading Partner Night event.

Teacher Steve Jackowski kicked off the evening by reading what he described as his favorite book, “The Napping House.” He engaged his young audience by getting them to say lines from the book aloud, too.

Fellow teacher Kellie Morris followed by reading, “How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow.” Afterward, she asked the audience to share what could be learned from the book, and someone correctly noted that it teaches that more can be accomplished as a team.

Mt. Pleasant’s Kathryn Dunleavy then read, “Extra Yarn.” Christine Cole, Kaila Carson and Lisamarie Hausch also read to the children.

The fun evening included a scavenger hunt, with participants asked to find in the bookstore a book with a food in the title, a book with English and Spanish, a book with a robot, a book with 100 or more pages, a book that was made into a movie, and a book that rhymes.

A portion of sales from the night will be donated to the Mt. Pleasant PTA.

Date Added: 1/20/2022

Mt. Pleasant Fourth Graders Go Fishing to Improve Vocabulary

Student reels in a word using a play fishing pole. thumbnail209405

Fourth graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary are expanding their vocabulary with a fun twist.

On Thursday morning, librarian Erica Lutz greeted students in Theodore Klug’s class for a game of “Dictionary Go Fish!”

Armed with dictionaries, students used a fishing pole with a magnet for a hook to catch a word in the “pond.” The students, in teams, then had to locate the word in the dictionary to learn the meaning as well as the part of speech — nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Examples of words the students caught included “juvenile,” “bawl,” “angle,” and “inspire.”

Date Added: 1/13/2022

Smithtown CSD Students Offer Appreciation to Police at Thanksgiving

Student letters to police thumbnail207797

Smithtown Central School District elementary school students sent a very special thank you to local heroes in advance of Thanksgiving.

The Smithtown Teachers’ Association organized a card-writing campaign to thank Suffolk County police officers from the local 4th Precinct.

The messages included students completing the sentence, “I am thankful for the police because …”

• The police make me feel safe.

• They help us get home if we are ever lost.

• They put their life on the line to help others.

• They help people that need help.