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MTP Logo33 Plaisted Avenue, Smithtown, NY 11787

Principal - Mr. Ierano:  (631) 382-4355
Main Office:  (631) 382-4355
Fax Number:  (631) 382-4356
Health Office:  (631) 382-4360
Psychologist:  (631) 382-4371
Social Worker:  (631) 382-4363
Speech:  (631) 382-4377 & 4376

School Hours: 9:30 am - 3:35 pm.

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Principal's Welcome Letter August 2019

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Mission Statement

The path to our dreams begins with the partnership between our school and families working collaboratively to ensure a safe and caring environment. Varied educational experiences at Mt. Pleasant Elementary school offer students the tools necessary to embrace diversity, become independent lifelong learners, and compassionate global citizens.


First Grade Feathers

First Grade Feathers photo  thumbnail142990
First Grade Feathers photo 2 thumbnail142991
As part of their Thanksgiving studies, first graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School created turkey feathers with their families. They wrote what they were thankful for and decorated them. Their feathers are now beautifully displayed to share with all.

Care Packages

Care Packages photo thumbnail139083
Students in Mrs. Edelman’s first grade class made care packages for our service men and women. While putting together the packages they learned adjectives they can use to describe service men and women and how proud we are of them.

Schools Come Together to Thank BOE

Schools Come Together to Thank BOE 2019 thumbnail138800

To celebrate New York State School Board Recognition Week from Oct. 21-25, the Smithtown Central School District came together to show their appreciation for their board of education during the Oct. 22 meeting.

To kick off the meeting, the High School East select choral group sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Smithtown Elementary School’s ENL also serenaded the board members by singing a thank-you song in 11 different languages. Nesaquake Middle School’s select chorus also showcased their skills by singing “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”

Dogwood Elementary School’s students created posters featuring the top 10 things they love about the district. Mt. Pleasant Elementary School students created a tree of appreciation to present to the board featuring every student’s fingerprints.

Tackan Elementary School students purchased books at its recent book fair and donated them back to the school’s library in the board’s name. Accompsett Elementary School’s fifth grade classes created a poster board of thanks, while Mills Pond Elementary presented each board member with a pen and flashlight because they light the way for the district. Student in Karen Dennis’s fourth grade class at St. James Elementary School created their own Flip Grid thank-you video for the board members.

Members of the National Junior Honor Society at Accompsett Middle School created a thank-you card and Great Hollow Middle School students gifted each board member with a drawstring bag. Members of the National Honor Society at High School West gave each board member a “Support Our Troops” shirt and Athletes Helping Athletes gifted them with Smithtown athletic spirit wear. Members of the Career and Technology Education department presented the board members with handcrafted wood nameplates for their board table, water bottles, tote bags, homemade muffins and pillowcases. To end the evening, the school’s central administration showed a thank-you video featuring faculty, staff and administrators from throughout the district. 

Mt. Pleasant Gifts Tree of Appreciation to BOE

Mt. Pleasant Gifts Tree of Appreciation to BOE1 thumbnail138355
Mt. Pleasant Gifts Tree of Appreciation to BOE2 thumbnail138356
Mt. Pleasant Gifts Tree of Appreciation to BOE3 thumbnail138357
In appreciation of its efforts on behalf of the students of the Smithtown Central School District and in honor of School Board Recognition Week from Oct. 21 to 25, the students at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School crafted a tree of appreciation. Mt. Pleasant Principal Joseph Ierano worked with art teacher Kathleen Lindbom and the students on the tree. All 535 students were excited to take part in the project. During their art class, each student placed their fingerprint on the tree. Mr. Ierano presented the MTP Tree of Appreciation at the Oct. 22 board of education meeting.

Pumpkin Magic

Kindergartners at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School tossed magic seeds in their garden and wished for a surprise. The next day, the students discovered tiny pumpkins had appeared. They each had a chance to pick their favorite one.

Kindergartners Get Schooled on Fire Safety

Kindergartners Get Schooled on Fire Safety photo  thumbnail136505
Kindergartners Get Schooled on Fire Safety photo 2 thumbnail136506
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In conjunction with Fire Prevention week, kindergartners at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School traveled across the street to their local firehouse for a lesson on fire safety on Oct. 8. Firefighters talked about the importance of practicing fire drills, having working fire alarms at home and what to do if a fire emergency occurs. The students learned not to hide or be afraid of firemen if they come into their home. Students had the opportunity to tour the inside of the fire truck and ambulance and had a lesson on the different functions of the hoses on the truck. 

Teaming Up Against Childhood Diseases

Teaming Up Against Childhood Diseases photo thumbnail136321

Rob Ciavarella’s fifth grade class at Mount Pleasant Elementary went on the offensive against childhood diseases by teaming up with the National Football League. The class made activity books that were distributed to children in the pediatric wards of Stony Brook Hospital. This community service project added 2,000 minutes to the “NFL’s Huddle for 100” goal of 100 million community service minutes during the league’s 100th anniversary season.

Creating Classroom Constitutions

Creating Classroom Constitutions  thumbnail135477

Elementary students celebrated Constitution Day on Sept. 17 by learning facts about the U.S. Constitution and applying them to their own classroom and school rules.

Dressed in red, white and blue, students at Mills Pond and Mt. Pleasant elementary schools learned about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. At Mills Pond Elementary School, each class worked together to set up their classroom rules and watched a short video on the U.S. Constitution. After penning their rules for the year, each member of the class signed their names to uphold their class constitution throughout the school year. The school’s computer lab was decorated and used as a meeting place for the signing. The rules and signatures will be prominently displayed in each classroom.  

At Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, fifth graders learned about the U.S. Constitution by watching a video and creating a graphic organizer.