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Principal's Welcome Letter August 2019

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Mission Statement

The path to our dreams begins with the partnership between our school and families working collaboratively to ensure a safe and caring environment. Varied educational experiences at Mt. Pleasant Elementary school offer students the tools necessary to embrace diversity, become independent lifelong learners, and compassionate global citizens.


Mt. Pleasant Students Travel Around the World

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Second graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School took a literal trip around the world when the Earth Balloon program from Earth Adventures, a 20-foot model of the Earth, visited the school.
Students had the opportunity to learn about the different continents, their habitats, climate and geography as they traveled around the world. As they explored the different continents, they had some special visitors such as a corn snake, tree frog, a long-tailed lizard and a bearded dragon. During a hands-on portion of the program, students touched some of the animals as well as the skin of an anaconda. They learned about the different oceans, the climates in the different continents and how animals adapt to their habitats.

Hands-On Art Museum at Mt. Pleasant

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Before the holiday break at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Mr. Ciavarella’s fifth grade class played host to Mrs. Amato’s kindergarten class to show the younger students that art is a subject that can be interactive as well something to take delight in visually. Some of the activities facilitated by the fifth graders included: kindergartners made geometric patterns while learning about Kandinsky; kindergartners created simple pointillist works while observing Seurat; and the fifth graders demonstrate how to look through seltzer bottles to understand impressionism.

Young Authors Inspired by Visit

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The first grade aspiring authors at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School had a special visit from Alyssa Satin Capucilli, author of the “Biscuit” series of books on Nov. 18. Capucilli visited with the different classes and spoke with students about the writing and editing process, illustrations and how she brainstorms different characters and plots. Students asked questions and Capucilli read the classes one of her newer books, “Katy Duck Is a Caterpillar.”