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Four Seniors Honored with Zone Awards

Four Seniors Honored with Zone Awards thumbnail179610
Four Seniors Honored with Zone Awards thumbnail179611
Four seniors were honored with Suffolk Zone Awards in December. The winners, chosen by the physical education staff, are the top male and female physical education students in the graduating class. Criteria for achieving this honor, as defined by the Suffolk Zone Chapter of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, include earning an A average or above a 90 in high school physical education classes, earning an overall grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the completion of the 11th grade year, and being a physical fitness role model, as well as character and leadership assessments.  

The district congratulates Jack Marti and Amanda Moghadasi from High School East as well as Christina Unkenholz and Nicholas Germano from High School West.

HS West’s Field of Honor

HS West’s Field of Honor thumbnail179713
High School West recently held its second annual Field of Honor. Organized by the Leadership classes, all proceeds from the fundraiser help support the ongoing development of the school’s Wall of Heroes. This year’s flags, displayed outside of the main entrance, honored both veterans and frontline workers.

HS West Leadership Students Provide Puzzles

HS West Leadership Students Provide Puzzles thumbnail179612
HS West Leadership Students Provide Puzzles thumbnail179613
High School West Leadership students helped distribute puzzles on Dec. 18 as part of the “Puzzles to Remember” project. This nonprofit organization provides puzzles to nursing homes and veterans facilities that care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Pictured (from left): Leadership students Shannon Alptekin, Marisa Valeri, Jacob Stiles, Michaela Dugan, Meghan Catania and Gianna Crema.

Fostering positivity

Fostering positivity thumbnail179421
High School West Leadership students created a “Wall of Positivity” to foster a positive school culture and emphasize the message that they are all “Smithtown Strong” during these challenging times. The wall includes quotes and messages about resilience, hope and perseverance. Pictured in front of the wall are creators Francesca Spica, Abby Rindfleish, Julia Savino and Lauren Tannenbaum. They are pictured with SS/Leadership teacher Joan Havranek (far left) and Assistant Principal Chris Elsesser (far right).

West Senior Named Regeneron Scholar

West Senior Named Regeneron Scholar  thumbnail179545
High School West student Julia Savino has been named a top 300 Scholar in the Regeneron Science Talent Search. The competition is the oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors in the nation.

Julia conducted her research in the High School West science research laboratory during the last three years. During this time, she focused on understanding the mechanism by which glutamate receptor activation causes a cascade of events that result in excitotoxicity, according to Joanne Figueiredo, High School West science research teacher. She has used the model organism Nematostella vectensis. Her recent work has developed into an analysis of the evolution of calmodulin and its kinase. She hopes that by elucidating the steps in this mechanism, she will aid in the development of strategies that mitigate the excitotoxicity that occurs in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

“It is always great to hear that your student has been selected as a Regeneron Semifinalist but this year it has special meaning,” Dr. Figueiredo said. “Julia has persevered despite all that has gone on. She is a student who always does the best she can possibly do and I have no doubt that she has a bright future.”

Leadership Class Delivers Care Packages for ICU Staff

Leadership Class Delivers Care Packages for ICU Staff thumbnail179413
Leadership Class Delivers Care Packages for ICU Staff thumbnail179414
High School West Leadership students in Joan Havranek’s class recently completed a project to recognized the hard work of the intensive care unit staff at St. Catherine’s Hospital in Smithtown. The class assembled 54 care packages – each containing a candle, Chapstick, hand cream, hot chocolate, a snack and a handwritten card –thanking the COVID warriors for their bravery and hard work during these past nine months. The students hand-delivered the packages to the hospital on Dec. 15.

Two West Seniors Named Coca-Cola Scholars

Two West Seniors Named Coca-Cola Scholars  thumbnail179170
Two High School West seniors – Shannon Alptekin and Madison Friscia – have been named as semifinalists in the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation offers college scholarships to exceptional high school students dedicated to leadership, service and action that positively affects others. More than 1,600 high school seniors were selected from 99,403 submitted applications from across the country to advance to the next stage of the selection process.

Student-Musicians Selected for SCMEA

Student-Musicians Selected for SCMEA  thumbnail179171
The district would like to congratulate the following students who have been selected to represent Smithtown in the annual Suffolk County School Music Educators’ Association’s All-County Music Festival:

Accompsett Middle School: Asha Andrews, chorus, children’s voice; Anna Diakou, orchestra, violin; Katherine Dunn, band, trumpet/cornet; Matthew Galletta, band, alto saxophone; Lucia Gubista, band, baritone/euph; Emmerson LeBrecht, chorus, children’s voice; Jacey Lin, orchestra, violin; Emily McNiff, chorus, children’s voice; Katerina Miller, band, bass clarinet; Carolena Passeggiata, band, flute; Zachary Podair, chorus, baritone; Alia Romanelli, chorus, soprano; Rose Scavuzzo, band, flute; and Tyler Walters, band, clarinet.

Great Hollow Middle School: Ethan Benstock, band, trumpet/cornet; Liana Cheng, orchestra, violin; Juliet Chong, orchestra, violin; Amanda Irmscher, band, percussion; Ethan Kim, band, bassoon; Rose Link, band, flute; Madeline McCullough, band, clarinet; Madison Powell, band, clarinet; Hannah Ren, orchestra, violin; and Mantra Sharma, orchestra, viola.

Nesaquake Middle School: Jolene Cao, violin; Leo Carnevale, band, trumpet/cornet; Autumn Chandler, chorus, children’s voice; Nicholas Fiorentino, band, tuba/sousaphone; Eddie Grcic, band, tuba/sousaphone; Caroline Hartmann, orchestra, viola; Hannah Hennan, chorus, children’s voice; Stella Kiladitis, chorus, children’s voice; Carter Lam, band, alto saxophone; Iliana Merolle, band, clarinet; Jack Moylan, band, clarinet; Cooper Moses, band, baritone saxophone; Melissa Nickl, chorus, alto; Tyler Popko, band, trumpet/cornet; Adrienne Porti, chorus, alto; Nicholas Puccio, orchestra, cello; Jaden Robinson, chorus, children’s voice; Naomi Sanabia, orchestra, violin; Jonathan Setzer, chorus, children’s voice; and Jake Wurtzel, band, trumpet/cornet.

High School East: Violette Baez, band, clarinet; Ava Bernardo, chorus, soprano; Adam Carnevale, band, baritone saxophone; Stacey Chuang, orchestra, violin; Jonathan Chung, band, trumpet/cornet; Shane DeCamp, chorus, tenor; Sean Diffley, chorus, tenor; Ayden Fleming, band, percussion; Emily Garry, chorus, soprano; Sophia Gavaris, band, French horn; Ariana Glaser, chorus, alto; Luke Hampson, chorus, tenor; Alex Hartmann, chorus, tenor; Daniel Hwang, orchestra, percussion; Philip Impastato, band, baritone saxophone; Taylor Koehler, orchestra, cello; Lexi Lackmann, chorus, soprano; Emily Lam, orchestra, cello; Parker Lehner, orchestra, trumpet/cornet; Josie Lent, orchestra, percussion; Stephen Levin, band, baritone/euph; Jack Lombardi, band, alto saxophone; Juliana Maloney, band, percussion; Jillian Mayer, orchestra, trumpet/cornet; Samantha Micozzi, band, clarinet; Aman Mistry, band, trombone; Joe Newman, chorus, baritone; Aidan Quinn, band, alto sax; Sofia Ragona, band, trumpet/cornet; Deven Ramchandran, orchestra, violin; Dylan Serino, orchestra, bass trombone; Sofia Sininsky, chorus, soprano; Sanjivani Singh, orchestra, violin; Luke Surrusco, chorus, bass; Coleton Trafas, band, alto saxophone; and Michael Van Brunt, orchestra, percussion.

High School West: Elianna Andrews, orchestra, viola; Henri Buchet, orchestra, violin; James Corcoran, band, alto saxophone; Samantha Crush, orchestra, clarinet; Anna DiBiase, band, flute; Sofia Fried, band, baritone/euph; John Galletta, band, trombone; Erika Gehrling, chorus, alto; Zachary Goldstein, band, alto saxophone; Jensen Herbst, band, piccolo; Annabella Hernandez, chorus, alto; Erika Hinson, chorus soprano; Olivia Hsiao, orchestra, violin; Abigail Jung, orchestra, violin; Stephen Jung, orchestra, viola; Peter Kagiwada, orchestra, French horn; Annabelle Kreitzman, orchestra, violin; Justin Martin, band, trumpet/cornet; Kelsey Most, orchestra, viola; Vasilis Papadopoulos, band, tuba/sousaphone; Eric Pentecoste, orchestra, viola; Madeline Raeihle, orchestra, viola; John Rotondo, band, baritone/euph; David Rubin, orchestra, violin; Sydney Savickis, orchestra, violin; Dara Schnur, chorus, alto; Francis Seely, band, trumpet/cornet; Noella Sexton, chorus, soprano; Michael Struzzieri, band, alto saxophone; Colin Wong, band, tuba/sousaphone; and Jaime Yoos, band, flute.

Congratulations, the following 11th and 12th grade students who have been selected to represent Smithtown in the annual NYSCAME/Suffolk All-County Music Festival.

High School East: Arianna Antonacci, orchestra, double bass; Gianna Antonacci, band, flute; Antonio Colao, band, trombone; Michael Dawson, band, French horn; Zachary Finger, band, alto saxophone; Antonio Fondacaro, chorus, tenor 2; Brody Hampson, chorus, tenor 2; Christopher Konopka, chorus, bass 1; Emma McDevitt, band, clarinet; Jordan Olivella, chorus, soprano 2; Emily Penna, orchestra; Krista Pulisic, chorus, alto 1; Brian Sabujo, band, trumpet/cornet; cello; Kelsey Solomon, chorus, alto 1; Isabella Surrusco, chorus, soprano 1; Sujata Tank, band, alto saxophone; Grace Tarsoly, chorus, soprano 2; Luke Vitale, chorus, bass 1; Faith Wankel, chorus, alto 2; and Emily Warner, chorus, soprano 2.

High School West: Francis Buchet, orchestra, cello; Hailey Cinquemani, band, multiple percussion; Dominic Gibbons, chorus, tenor 1; Aidan Griesing, orchestra, double bass; Peter Kagiwada, band, French horn; Leah Kelly, chorus, soprano 1; Matthew Kim, band, clarinet; Colin Mattera, chorus, bass 2; Matthew Nieto, chorus, tenor 2; John Petti, band, clarinet; Vanessa Rivera, chorus, soprano; Ashley Sieloff, orchestra, violin; and Richard Tylar, orchestra, trombone.

Video: HSE/HSW’s Jacqueline Harden

Video: HSE/HSW’s Jacqueline Harden thumbnail178535

Our next Day in the Life video series features school psychologist Jacqueline Harden from High School East and West.